The Fear Trials

For Shal and her friends, fear is a natural part of life. Each day they are put through terrifying simulations called the Fear Trials. But the girls cannot be held back. One day, they discover a secret- which leads to another secret, which could lead to freedom. But freedom will only come with a heavy cost. PS: This is my first attempt at making my own cover. I hope you like it.


1. Chapter 1

Welcome to my first story! Hope you enjoy!  



    Hello. My name is Shal. I’m nine years old, and I need to tell this before I either die, or curl up in a ball and never move again.

    That happened to one of us last week. The Fear Trials were too much for her. She curled up, and didn’t move again. When they checked her pulse, she was dead. Her heart had just stopped. That left ten of us. 

    Most would have thought I would have gone by now. The girl that died was two years older than me. None of us are older than fifteen, and none of us are younger than me. I’m the littlest. The youngest. Out of all of us.

    All of us are girls. For some reason, the people that did this to us didn’t take any boys. There were originally fifteen of us. So far, five of us have died, gone insane, or curled up in a ball, never to move again.

    Ala is the oldest of us. At fifteen years old, she’s tall, with brown-red hair, and blue eyes. She’s pretty brave, and is incredible at the Fear Trials. She’s passed most of them, and is probably in the advanced level of training now. I heard the advanced Fear Trials were enough to stop a human’s heart, but she survives somehow.

    Mar is next. She’s small, scrawny, and clever. She’s fourteen, but looks about twelve. She’s got a good head, and is alright at the Fear Trials, but not as good as Ala. She’s made it above me, but then again, almost everybody has. She has brown hair, and green eyes. 

    Kira is two days younger than Mar. She has red hair, and dark near-black eyes. She’s quiet, doesn’t speak much. She’s usually scared pretty easily, but she’s managed to pass the first level of the Fear Trials. At least, those levels aren’t scary. Not really. Not compared to what we’ve had to deal with. If the other dead girls aren’t enough of an example.

    Lili is intent on discovering some secret trick about the Fear Trials. She has this habit of noticing things we don’t, and escaping early. She’s a puzzle solver, and sometimes half the things she says are too fast for any of us to understand, due to her excitement. She’s got black hair, and hazel eyes. She usually hangs out with Ala, and when they’re not in the trials, they talk about ways to survive them.

    Sim is half the reason why we haven’t gone insane already. She’s always cracking jokes or making funny comments that make us all laugh. Sim has bright orange hair, and a splashing of freckles across her face. Her eyes are a light blue. She’s 13, but actually isn’t that good at the Fear Trials. She’s on a lower level than everyone else. But she’s the light in the gloom of testings.

    Talia is tall, muscular, and brave, like Ala. She’s only twelve, but acts a lot older. Her hair is short, stringy, and black. Her eyes are a grey color, and she always gives us a motivating kind of speech before we go into the trials. She’s kind of like our acting leader when Ala is in the trials. She’s good at the trials, but breaks up when any of her friends are involved. And who can blame her?

    Zi is my trial partner. Ours are usually at the same time. She’s a skinny shy girl, who doesn’t do super well in the trials. She’s eleven, and has short-cut blonde hair, with dark green eyes. She likes to talk to Lili, and try to figure out the ins and outs of the Fear Trials, so that she can pass them more easily. 

    Jess is 11, like Zi. She has curly black-brown hair, and sparkling eyes that are the color of lapis lazuli. She tries to play tough, and be like the older girls, but she mostly is a talkative, playful, friendly kind of girl. She was sweet to all of us, and maintained a positive outlook, no matter what happened to her. She has a ready smile, and a sunny outlook to everything. Whenever she tries to be serious, it’s so funny that everyone laughs, which makes her roll her eyes, which makes us laugh harder. So, like Sim, she’s also the supplier of  humor. In fact, Sim is her trial partner, them being on the same level. She also loves music, and tends to make up funny songs with Sim.

    Star is the youngest aside from me. She’s 10, but acts tough for such a young kid. She’s got a fiery temper to match her flaming red hair, and she has the oddest eyes. One is green, and the other is blue. Star is above many of us in the Fear Trials. She passed me first, then Zi and Jess. She’s at Lili’s level currently. She’s brave, strong, and clever. She’s got a trick for getting through the trials without dying. She calls it: ‘Turning the bad stuff to good stuff’.  Lili calls it: ‘Turning your fear into anger’. If so, Star seems to do that a lot. She never cries, just gets mad.

    And then there’s me. I’m nine, the baby of our group. I have dark chocolate colored skin, and bright green eyes. My hair is amber colored. I’m okay at the Fear Trials. I mean, better than you would expect me to be. For a kid, I’m pretty brave. I usually make it reasonably far. Sometimes I even finish.

    We’re not exactly treated the best. We each have a room, with a single bed, a dresser for the clothes they give us, and a small table with two chairs, one for us, and another for when somebody is allowed a visit. We can only ever have two in the rooms at once.

    In our ‘rooms’ we don’t have walls. Instead we have cage bars. The door is always locked, unless they let us out. The plus side of that is that we can talk. We just can’t reach each other.

    The only times they let us out are mealtimes and visits. Meals are forty minutes long, and you have to finish by then. Visits can be up to half an hour, and only one person can visit another person at a time. Otherwise, we’re in the trials or in our rooms.

    My schedule is pretty simple. Morning: Wake up, breakfast, first fear trial. When that ends, lunch. Then either being in my ‘room’ or visiting. Then evening fear trial. Then dinner. Then sleep. Lots of sleeping. That's something we've learned- the Fear trials are exhausting. Better to sleep while we can.

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