Nekoo and Hellhound

Hi My name is Rainbow and I'm a nekoo ;3 . I am Fifteen years old and I love to have all sorts of fun ! ''Especially when it includes me '' Ugh meet My best friend Grim , He's a hell hound . In this story , It shows you how we met and how we learned how to use our powers ! . ''It might get a little...Intense '' Ugh Grim shut up ! Ignore him guys he's just being a little silly ''I love you Rainbow '' Alright that's it ! See ya later guys , Enjoy Da book XD .....


1. Rainbow Dash story

Name : Rainbow 

Age : Fifteen 

Sex : Female 

Birthday : December 16th 

Abilities : Speed mix with  A lion , panther , lightning , Cheetah and Jaguar . Strength is just shocking . She can make things float in mid air when her eyes a bright pink . Once she eats an apple she can almost do anything She pleases , Especially if it's controlling you're mind . 

Weapons : Her razor sharp teeth and Her Axes 

Race : Rainbow dash is A Vampire / Nekoo . Her mother is A nekoo while Her father is of course A Vampire . 

Drinks and eats : She doesn't feast on humans ..Only when she's sane otherwise You're good ;3 . She's on a diet from humans so For now she eats  fruits she finds on trees [mostly Apples } . And she just drinks the juice out of it 

Parents : Damon Salvatore . Mother Elena but eventually died of A feasting accident . She was Feasted on by wolves on Rainbows seventh birthday . 

Siblings : Her brother Carnivore x , He's Fourteen and  .  he's a killer , He was naturally born like that . Her sister Smiles Who is Sixteen .. She's just like Rainbow Dash but she Eats humans as well . And finally their older brother Hacker . He is Eighteen and He's a lady's man . 

Rainbow Is a very special girl , She just doesn't know it  yet . Besides she just loves to have fun in the woods all by herself ...Until Grim shows up ;3

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