new love

skyla has best freinds named em and mayia she has kept a secret that only her friend ana knows about can she keep it


1. waking up


Waking up

Skyla was just waking up when her mom said, “Hurry up Skyla it’s breakfast time”. Skyla rushed down the stairs grabbed a cinnamon roll and ran back up the stairs, “sorry mom I have to work on my school project” called Skyla from upstairs. “It’s ok honey just try to finish the project” answered her mom

~30 minutes later~

“Mom I’m getting on the bus” yelled Skyla “ok” her mom said back “love you”. When Skyla got on the bus she texted her two best friends em and maiya. She was sitting when the bus got to the next stop her other friend Ana went to sit with her. “Ana you promised that you wouldn’t tell anyone” said Skyla, “and I haven’t” replied Ana. “Ok let’s just relax now” said Skyla “ok im all for that” replied Ana

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