Just mark and jack( Sean)


1. The break uo

It was a beautiful day in Ireland jack decided it would be a perfect day to go for a stroll with his girlfriend and then get a bite to eat. Jack picked up his phone and texted his girlfriend to see if see was available. She was glad to go and spend quality time with his girlfriend, he decided since he might be gone for a while and he wouldn't have time to make a video afterwards he should do it now to keep the fans happy. After he finished his video he uploaded it to YouTube and texted his girlfriend that he would be over soon to pick her up to go to the park and walk around. He picked up his phone,keys,wallet, and a few mints in case they decided to kiss afterwards. Jack got in his car and drove to her house, he picked her up she was wearing a nice flowery dress while jack was wearing jeans and septic hoody. 

" look beautiful today" jack said blushing a little

"thx jack, you look handsome as ever" she said kissing him 

~time skip to where they are at the park~

Jack got out of the car and opened the door for his girlfriend. She stepped out and looked around she took a deep breath and they went on the still it was lovely but afterwards she said " Sean you are a nice guy and any girl would be lucky to have you but.. Not me it's just not working out sorry." " we can still be friends if you want." She said with a slight smile as she put her hand on his shoulder. Jack was in shock everything was going so well for him. Jack being a true gentleman drove her and then went back to his house with a depressed feeling the whole time

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