Ex Lovers Prompt

Based on another prompt from YamiBaki: "Ex Lovers" and such.


1. Ex Lovers Prompt from YamiBaki

Falling for you was like falling from grace

I was in love, you were in hate

It may take two to tango

But it only took me to let go


It was my worst day alive

When you decided to enter my life

I was the living dead

And I couldn't guess what was going through your head

But you offered me your hand and made a vow

Where are your promises now?


A year down the line

I couldn't call you mine

Loving you was like an actual hell

But just like the devil, I fell

Two years in and I knew

Just because I loved you

Didn't mean that you loved me too


Calling you my ex

Is simply ridiculous

Because we had to be together to break apart

You can't end if you never even start


(I'm sorry! I'm painfully inept in this department.)

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