Back Again

Jasmine Styles is the girl that never talked after her parents died. She had a crush on the school's bad boy, Luke Hemmings. But the problem is her bully. After a few months, Jasmine started to hate Luke. Will Luke stop bullying her? Will she ever love him again? Read to find out.


6. jazzy's pov

Jazzy's POV

    "Hey, I'm Ashton, but you can call me Ash," the curly haired one said. "I'm Micheal but you can call me MIkey," the red head said. "I'm Calum and I'm not Asian and you can call me Cal," the Asian looking guy said. "And I'm Luke and you can just call me Luke," a voice from behind me said. I turned around and saw the guy I never wanted to see ever again, in my life. I froze. Lauren nudged me, "what's wrong?" "I'll tell you later," I whispered back. "Sooooo, we need  ride, think you can help us?" Calum asked. "Ya, Jazzy here, gave us motorcycles, so we can go on those," Lauren said. "Cool," they all said. We got on the motorcycles. Luke sat with me, Calum sat with Lauren, Ashton sat with Ally, and Mikey sat with Amber.

    "Hold on boys because this is going to be a sweet, fast, and awesome ride," I said. "Shut up Jazzy," Amber said. I just laughed. "Ok, so where are we going?" Ally asked. "Could we go to one of your girls apartments?" Ash asked. "Sure, but who's?" Ally asked. "I vote Jazzy's because her's is the biggest," Lauren said. "Well ya it's big because my brother bought it," I said. "Who's your brother?" Luke asked. "HARRY STYLES!" my friends screamed. "Oh," was all Luke said. "No well, ya he is but we meant Harry is right there," Amber said. "OH MY GOD, HEY BIG BRO," i yelled. "HEY LIL SIS," he yelled back. I ran to him and gave him a really tight hug. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I was gonna visit you and then Gemma real quick because I was missing you guys but I see you have guest. I need to meet Gemma to," Harry said. "Awwwww thanks," I said. "Hey man," Luke said. "Sup guys," Harry said. Harry didn't know Luke used to bully me. "Hey I gotta go, see ya later, love ya," Harry said. "K bye Aladdin," I said and kissed him on the cheek. Harry chuckled, "bye princess Jasmine, bye guys," he said, kissed my cheek, and left. 

    "K, so are we going to my apartment?" I asked turning around. "yup," Lauren answered. I gave my extra helmet to Luke and led us to my apartment. The whole ride, Luke didn't say anything except, "So you weren't lying, that Harry Styles is your brother?" I didn't answer that. When we got to my apartment, I ordered pizza. "Hey Lauren can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked. "Ya sure, what's up Jazzy?" Lauren asked. I told her the story of how Luke used to bully me and how i lived in an orphanage. By the time I was done talking, we both had tears streaming down our faces. "I'm so sorry," she said. "It's not your fault, now you know why I froze when I heard Luke," i said. She nodded and wiped our tears and went in the living room. "Hey, what took-," Calum said stopping mid sentence. "Were you guys crying?" Ash asked. "Yes, but it's nothing for you to worry about," Lauren said glaring at Luke. "Ok then.....," Mikey said trying to break the tension between them. *DING DONG* "I got it," i said and wen to the door and payed for the pizza. When I turned around, Luke was there. "HOLY shit, you scared me," but quickly closed my mouth and walked passed him.



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