Falling For Clifford


7. The Date

Nahua's POV


When Michael stops the truck he hops out and has a small basket. He holds his hand out as to offer help of me getting out, but I refuse and jump right over the edge and land on my two feet but lose my balance. Michael catches me and smiles. He says "You should've took my offer."

And he bends downs and kisses me. It felt like there is electricity running through us. It felt amazing.

Then Michael let go of me and I fell. When I landed he smiled because I looked at him like "Did you do that of purpose?" I guess he knew what that look meant because he said "I meant for that because I knew that you were going to fall on the blanket."

Blanket? I didn't see a blanket. But sure enough there is a blanket under me. And know that I think about it, the fall didn't hurt that much. When I look around myself I see a basket, the truck and the most beautiful meadow full of wildflowers and wilderness all under the most beautiful starry night I have ever seen.

I guess Michael saw me because I saw him smile while he starts to sit down. He opens the basket and pulls out a cheese and tomato sandwich. He pulls out orange juice? It might be a coincidence but this is starting to feel like The Fault In Our Stars.

We eat our sandwich and drink our orange juice. Then we talk. We talk about how it feels to be out of place and not fit in. We talk about how we do weird stuff and call ourselves weird and unique and awkward. We talk about our origins and how awesome it is for me to be Hawaiian.

That's when I realized that I have been in love with this boy ever since the day we met. And that my love for him gets bigger and stronger everyday I am alive.



Sorry for the cheesy chapter. I felt in the mood for The Fault In Our Stars. Like I just had to put it in. I wasn't kidding when I said that I call myself weird, I pretty am.

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