Falling For Clifford


13. Going Somewhere

A/N I need names, charcteristics, hobbies and if they have any pets or not, for Calum's girlfriend and Ashton's girlfriend. I'll try to write every week or so. Please like comment anything. Hope you enjoy.



Nahua POV

Its been two days and I already finished The Cuckoo Song. I'm going to take Michael to an old abandoned park. Not a scary abandoned, but a nice abandoned. But before that I'm going to take him to my most favorite plce in Earth, a medow that has a river with a bridge. It has this huge oak tree that I love to climb. I made Calum help put up swing on one of the branches 2 weeks after my prents died. It is a sanctuary. We're going to have a picnic on the bridge. After all of the nature places we're going to go to the movies. I really want to watch Allegiance.

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