Royal Blood


1. Introduction

Auburn Callaway was a normal seventeen year old from Mississippi. Well not really “normal.” She could hear people’s thoughts. It was something she was born with. Neither of her parents had this…what could we call it? This curse? No this blessing. It was most defiantly a blessing. Auburn was born with Telepathic Communication. Her parents feared for their daughter. What if someone were to find out? What would they do to their precious Auburn? Jillian and Steve pondered this for years. Always trying to shield their daughter from the outside world. They even went as far as homeschooling her. What they didn’t know was that Auburn was next in line for the highest role in mythological lines. Auburn was the supreme witch. Of course Auburn had yet to find out about her other powers. It was exactly two weeks from her birthday, and luckily her birthday happen to fall upon a full moon this year. The full moon was when a witch found out her true powers. Soon Auburn would find her true calling and soon her world would change forever. 

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