Royal Blood


4. Chapter 3

The clock had just struck 9 o’clock. Auburn rushed to get everything packed into her car. She had a three hour and 16 minute drive to New Orleans. When she got the final bag in she hugged her parents goodbye and set on her way. Around twelve in the evening she finally arrived to New Orleans. She could hardly contain her excitement as she pulled into the house her parents had bought next to the Academy. She had planned to visit as soon as she had all of her stuff settled in and she was cozy. She began to unpack her stuff when a guy who was probably in his twenties walked over from next door. Hello. I am Kyle. He introduced himself. Auburn. She said with a shy smile. It is very nice to meet you Auburn. Do you need help carrying stuff in? He asked. Um. Yeah please. She smiled a bit. He returned the smile and helped her carry her stuff in. After they packed all her things in and up to her room they return to the front room. So you officially own this house? He asked curiously. No. My parents own it. It is my summer house. Currently I am staying here for my birthday. It is next week and my family planned me this trip here. Then they will come down and we will have my party then I will go back. She explains. Well I hope you enjoy your time here. I live right next door. Would you like to come meet the rest of us? He asks her. Oh of course! I had planned on a visit anyway! She says in excitement. With a huge smile on her face Auburn stands and follows Kyle over to the Academy. Zoe! Queenie! I have a guest! He calls out. Lighting fast a blonde and a beautiful colored girl shows up. Who is this? The blonde speaks. I am Auburn. My family owns the house next door. Auburn explained. Well hello. I am Zoe and she is Queenie. The blonde says. Miss Cordelia is not home at the moment or I would offer you a tour and a history lesson but I am not authorized to do so without her presents. Maybe you can come back at a later time and I will give you one. The Zoe girl speaks. Oh that would be lovely. Thank you. Auburn says and walks out the door. When she got to the house she went right to her room and studied up about the academy. She wanted to seem smart when she got to meet the head mistress Miss Foxx. She knew a lot about the academy already but she wanted to study up and remind herself. As time went on she waited for someone to show up and tell her Miss Foxx had returned yet no one did. Before she knew it she was in a deep slumber. 

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