Royal Blood


2. Chapter 1

Auburn was sleeping peacefully in her bed when her alarm went off. With a small groan she rolled over and turned off the annoying buzzing noise. She sits up with a small smile on her face. Today was the day that began the countdown to her birthday next week. Each year a week before her birthday, her parents would buy her gifts and send her on shopping sprees with her aunt Shelly. This year though would be different. Auburn’s parents and Aunt Shelly had planned her a trip to New Orleans. Auburn was super excited about spending the full week alone in Louisianan. Of course later next week her family would join her for her party but until then it was just her, the family house and her new car. Now some may ask, “Why in the world would a seventeen year old want to spend a week alone in New Orleans?” Truth was Auburn herself didn’t even know. She had read about the Salem witch trials and now that the remaining witches chose to reside in New Orleans she let her curiosity get to her. Now here she was at seven thirty in the morning packing her bags. She was ready for this. She was ready to explore New Orleans on her own until her family shows up the next week for her eighteenth birthday party which she knew would be just perfect. 

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