What would the world be like if Gay was right, and straight was wrong? This story follows the lives of a group of friends.

Just as a heads up, I am writing this on a google.docs with my best friend, Emily M. (last name hidden for safety) and you can find her on Tumblr at @artzypaw. We are writing this story together.

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Love you!


45. Bem

It’s Christmas break, so that means four weeks of my mother inviting friends over to drink and party. My mother, although she appears old, is very young. She is only 37. When she was 18, she fell in love with… a man. Quite odd, but it was prom night, and her and this guy that I only know from old photos, well, they hooked up. He then left her because it was taboo, so he didn't want to be seen with her.

My mother has dark hair, and blue eyes. She’s short and stout, but brave none the less. She is strict, but not completely mean. My father, from what I saw, has brown hair, and a kind smile. I can see why she fell so hard for him. I get my height from him. He towered over my mother in his black tuxedo on prom night.

“Mom?” I shout over the loud music that she’s blaring.

“WHAT?” She calls back almost spilling her drink onto her dress.

“I was wondering if I could hang out with Anton?”

“Sure why not sweetie!” She says. I can tell that she’s had too much to drink, because she would never say yes. Waving me off sluggishly, my mom returns to her wild friends. I make my way to the door, grab my coat and phone and walk out.

The device in my hand dings with an incoming call. I answer, “Hello?”

“Hey, Bear, can we meet up?” Anton chimes across the line.

“I was on my way to your house.”

“Want to meet somewhere else? My dads are not doing anything at the moment so there’s a higher chance they’ll snoop if you come.”

“You don't have to say it twice. Where do you want to meet?” I cross my bus stop, which is on the way to Anton’s but we’re not meeting at his place, so I stay put. His voice rings, “Is it cold outside?”

“Yes, it’s freezing.”

“So it’s warm.”

“You need a coat.”

“I’m coming in a tank-top!”

“You should wear many layers.”

“You’re so warm that it’s much colder outside compared to normal humans! I’m coming with a zip-up. How about we meet at our special place in the park.”

I smile, “Okay-”

“You know, by that one tree near that one bench and-”

“I know, Anton!” We both laugh for a brief moment before I start to walk again and our conversation takes turn.

At a steady pace, I take in my surroundings as I hear the blonde’s voice. I zone out, not listening to what he has to say and just embrace the melody he gives. The sounds coming through my phone seem to make the world more peaceful.

I then come back to reality and try to catch up to Anton.

“So- that was my day, how was yours?”

“I spent it with you.”

“Ditto!” I breathe a curse and the laughter increases.

“Got you that time!” I can hear his door close behind him as I make it to our bench. Beside the tree. I sit down, look up, and see Anton, hovering over me.

“Hey Anton!” I say noticing his jacket, which he would never have worn. I stand up to greet him, and he opens up his arms, unzips his jacket to reveal a tank top that says ‘He Told Me Not To,’ with an arrow pointing towards the tree. “Your shirt is wrong…” I say laughing.

“Oh, sorry…” Anton says as he turns around.

“Now I can't see it.” I sigh.

“Just believe me when I say it’s pointing at you.”

“I didn't want to know that,” I laugh, taking my mind out of the gutter it has fallen in. Anton walks up to me, jacket still unzipped, and I slide my hands to his lower back to bring him closer.

“I told you it’s cold.” I whisper across his lips, and I notice the goosebumps forming on his arms. My lips curl.

“You did that, not the weather-”

“You’re cold! Let me warm you!” I interrupt snarkily and pull him into a hug.

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