The Intern

Won a competition for this one. Had to write a story entitled 'the intern', so here it is.


1. The intern

‘Paper work? I ask you! I get through all my exams; get upgraded ten times, get invited to the office, HERE THAT, OUT THERE THE OFFICE, for afternoon tea, that’s right you hear me AFTERNOON TEA! And I receive paper work.  I WAS NOT BORN TO DO THIS? IS ANYONE LISTENING?’

I flung myself down, and stared at the pile, mass of sheets in front me.  This was not fair, this was not my purpose there were plenty of Help out there who could do this; they kept breeding however many policies were introduced.  I was special, both my parents were trueblood and free.  I know who I am, and I know that I am not set out for this.  I have it all planned out: start off low maybe just leader of a battalion or small army, but then I would progress, succeed get upgraded to general, commander and finally I would become her apprentice and we would rule the skies.  I had made that perfectly clear in my letter of introduction that I had been asked to send, could they read?

Maybe that was it; they needed someone like me to start of low down on the scale, do the Help’s work for them and then climb up the ladder; give the lower, less ambitious people hope.  When I become her apprentice they would show my achievements across the news ports and people would see who I was and what I had achieved and they would aspire to become like me. 

Well I would show them, this may well be their big plan, but I wouldn’t be part of it.  People like me don’t come along every day; I won’t be told what to do.  I was created to do the telling, and the telling I will do.  Contemplating the mess in front of me, I nudged the nearest invoice with my foot, why did it have to be so messy.  Couldn’t they have at least put it in piles to sort out? It was annoying me, so I started to gather it up, place it in piles, neatly and orderly stacked as things should be.  I worked for an hour or so until all the papers were in tidy piles and then sat back; I hadn’t done what they wanted me to do.  The instructions had said in an order of time and issue, they would have to get a person from The Help to do that but I had helped them and they would be grateful. 

I sat there for ages when finally a noise sounded, an alarm?  Perhaps the first battle of the day had started.  Soon I would be up there, leading the soldiers into battle.  Then the racket stopped and the mechanical voice which had told what I would be doing today spoke again. 

‘Step to the side, step to the side’

This message sounded out until I had carefully picked my way through the piles and pressed myself against the wall.  Suddenly the middle of the floor started to descend carrying the paper with it.  Such was my confusion that I didn’t notice that this was my chance to escape; I just stood watching my neat and orderly piles disappear.  Then no sooner than the floor had completely vanished from sight, did the ceiling begin its descent.  As it slotted into the place that had been the floor, I saw on top the familiar mess of papers and then I realised.

 I wasn’t born for greatness, my destiny wasn’t her apprentice, I was a mutation, so what my eyes were not green, and were the trueblood blue.  My status was the same as The Help and this was my job, the sorting the paperwork of births, deaths and of the breeding programs.  And here I would be stuck for the rest of my life endlessly sorting into piles, so that further down the line they could be categorised further down.  Maybe one day, I would be upgraded to shipping or even printing, but never leading and certainly never apprenticeship.  This was it. 

Wordlessly, this time, I set to work.   

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