The Girl on the Train

The appearance of innocence can be misleading


1. The girl on the train

I stared at the girl on the train. In my defence it was an empty carriage, with a boring landscape and I had read all the adverts.  It was her smile that caught me; it suggested she knew something no-one else did, her own little secret. The girl caught me looking, I quickly averted my eyes, trying to stop my face going that tell-tell red.

‘Hey don’t look away!’ tinkled her slivery voice. ‘Are you bored? I am, tell you what…I will tell you a secret. It will make you laugh?’ 

Something about her voice intrigued me, so when she leant forward, I imitated her action. She started to laugh, but the cheerful innocent tone was gone. It had turned cold, controlling.

‘Now….’ She cackled

And then we crashed.        


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