When I Woke Up

My name is Erika and this is my story. It's tragic and heavenly all at the same time. The best part is it's none of that stupid typical love story shit. This is truthful...I don't like to lie to you and the beauty of the truthfulness of it is, while it's sad at times, it also has lots of hope and happiness. Remember, you don't always know what you have till it's gone and most importantly love with everything you have once you find the real deal because that's all you get in life. It's what matters over all of the dumb fighting and pointless drama. Love conquers all and my love story will really prove that. Here's all about when I woke up...


2. The Moment Of Clarity

I sit back & close my eyes again, just trying to remember anything. After a few minutes of what felt like a pointless mission, a wave of memories crashed over me. They all involved Luke. From our first encounter at a  meet & greet at one of their shows to our wedding day. They were all such beautiful, amazing memories. Our relationship was like it came out of a story book & our wedding was fit for a princess. I gasped & opened my eyes to find Luke hovering over me with a worried expression. He was the only one in the room now. "What's wrong Erika? Apparently I had been crying tears of joy & didn't realize it. "Nothing's wrong Luke, that's the opposite of what's going on. I remember you! Every moment of the past 3 years that involves you just came flooding back to me. We met at a meet & greet, then we had a wonderful year & a half together, on the anniversary of our first date you took me to Disney World. You proposed to me in front of the Cinderella castle. Our wedding was beautiful & I felt like such a princess. We had another great year & then I found out I was pregnant. That was a month ago. You are getting ready for tour."


I sat there smiling, proud of myself for remembering the most important man in my life while he sat there in stunned silence. Finally, he started speaking. "It was actually 4 months ago & we postponed the tour because of your accident. Do you remember anything else about the accident?" I thought for a second. "I was going to a check up...you couldn't come because of tour rehearsals...I was so mad & I was ignoring you...I asked Mom to go with me... Oh my God! NO! Please Luke! Tell me she's okay!" I started crying & he pulled me into a hug, tears running down his face into my hair.


He pulled away after a few minutes & stared into my eyes. "I wish with everything that I have left in me that I could rewind time & fix all of this for you. It tears me apart seeing you like this! I wish I had the right words to say to you to take away your pain, I really do, but I can't unfortunately & I'm sorry for that. Let's get through these brain scans, get you home & in bed, & I swear to you Erika, I'll tell you everything." He looked at me, his eyes pleading with mine, & I nodded my head unable to get any words out at this point as the pain ripped through me. The neurologist came in after that with a special machine & made Luke go into the hallway so he could get the scans.


It took about 20 minutes for him to get what he needed. He called Luke back in & then called for Dr. Sinclaire. When she came in, he began speaking. "Well, Mrs. Hemmings is very lucky. She doesn't show any signs of a brain injury. Her memory loss is the product of her trying to block out the trauma she's gone through & it should return completely in just a few short days." Then, Dr. Sinclaire spoke. "That's great news! Thank you Doctor. Erika, you will be free to go home in just a few minutes. I'll take your husband out here with me to get him your release paperwork. While he does that, a nurse will be in here to help you get dressed. You'll need to take it easy & stay in bed for a while, keep your stress levels down, & try to relax & just focus on healing & keeping yourself & your beautiful babies as healthy as possible. I'll see you in 2 weeks for a follow up." I watched her & Luke walk out, shocked by what I had just heard. She said babies...what the hell is she talking about?


I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't even notice the nurse come in. She helped me into the sweats someone had gotten for me from Luke & I's home. That must have been where the other guys had gone earlier. Ashton, Calum, & Michael...their names finally coming back to me. The nurse left & they came in to keep me company until Luke got done with the paperwork. He was probably worried sick about me right now. I mean, I had basically gone silent right after the realization of what had happened to my mom had hit me. It wasn't fair to him. I got my shit together & started telling the guys what I remembered so far, smiling until I got to the part about Mom. I still didn't remember much about them yet, so while we waited for Luke, they took turns sharing memories we had had together. When they told me about them, I remembered almost immediately & laughed along with them, temporarily forgetting the pain of the throbbing hole in my chest.


Luke came in with a wheel chair for me. He & Ash helped me into it & Luke wheeled me out to the car while the others followed, discussing things that interested them. Mikey & Cal took one car & Ash climbed into the drivers seat of our car. Luke helped me into the back & then sat next to me. The drive home took close to an hour, but as we drove in silence, I was starting to remember more. I remembered every single road, every twist,curve, & bump. The drives to & from the studio that the guys spent most of their time at, the trips to the store (the most recent ones I remember being to satisfy cravings), & the trips to the cemetery to visit my older brother Nico's grave. He died in a freak plane crash. Now my mom had joined him. I let the  tears flow once more, Luke hugging me closer as we pulled into the drive way. They moved to get out of the car, but I stayed where I was, looking blankly out of the window. "We're here love", Luke whispered to me, not really wanting to disturb me in my time of grief. I nodded my head & wiped my tears & grabbed the hand he offered to me.


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