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1. "The Castle "

"The Castle "

Protect the castle at all costs! The King and Queen have spoken. Walls ceilings and floors simply absorb the words, like a kitchen sponge. Bouncing and echoing on every surface. Circling the court yard, around and round, never stopping or ending to all that can hear, seem to be in a magical trance, like puppets on multiple invisible wires of long forgotten fallen scarecrows.

Perched above, with a panoramic view of the entire court yard, on slabs of gold on each side of this brilliant terrace. Sits golden figurines of the King and Queen. Like wearing a robe, ruby, mirth emeralds and diamonds are visible, wrapped around.

Many shadows from the terrace paint the earthen floor of the court yard. The King and Queen. Also the Bishops and horsemen. The Knights of the Round Table are present, whose swords are always out of their sleeves, to protect the castle at all cost!

Lo and behold, an unfamiliar shadow has painted the court yard. The King and the unfamiliar shadow, slip away quietly, not to cause alarm, and proceed to a lower terrace with slabs of gold. These two shadows discuss with hushed conversation.

A large wooden wagon embedded in the mud, up to the hub of the wheel for at least a week. Fully loaded with bales of wheat, barley and gallons and gallons of red wine in oak stained barrel. Shifted to one side not centered. Planted directly below, where two shadows are heard of heated hushed conversation!

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