The way I see things, everyone gets to choose something they want in the world. Whether it's an expensive house, a killer body, or something as simple as a career. These are the things that push us throughout our lives, and they keep us going when the thoughts of giving up come across our minds. They are our goals. Our dreams. Turns out my 'want' in life was just a little bit different from everyone else's. I wanted Jace Micheal Adams.


3. Coolest Kids Around

Another thing to add onto my imaginary shelf of personalty traits? Impatient. Waiting was something I never really was good at. Like ever. And right now, Jace Micheal Adams was making me do the exact thing.

School gets off at 3:45 which means by the time I got home it was 4:30, then I had to eat to prevent myself from the painfully embarrassing situation of my stomach growling or rumbling during an either romantic or awkward silence that will most likely appear at sometime tonight. It's in the 'getting ready to go out someplace with someone you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of' rule book, written by yours truly. And I could explain to you the painfully long process of me choosing an outfit and hairstyle to best suited tonight, but I'll spare you the shameful and humiliating details and skip to the exact moment in time we are now.

Presently I am sitting on the couch, and have been for the past half an hour. It is currently 6:10 and the make up that I had managed to get perfect for this evening is now slightly smeared from the nervous sweat that seemed to have made a surprise appearance on my face and palms. I've been cursing at my hands for the past ten minutes since they wont seems to stop fumbling to anxiously smooth down the creases in my jeans not matter what I do. This was a disaster. I am a disaster. If Jace Adams didn't end up showing tonight I had already decided that I'll flee the country, change my name, and most likely my face as well.

My thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock that echoed its way through my empty home causing my breath to catch in my throat.

This was it. I was about to come face to face again with my childhood lover/best friend at long last. I had only 5 things I needed to remember tonight, 5 'rules' if you must call it that.

1. Don't embarrass yourself by burping, snorting, farting, falling, or secretly smelling him.

2. Do not let him put his coat or jacket around you cause there's a chance he won't get it back. (Hint: Bring or wear a sweater or jacket of your own)

3. Do not let him see how disgustingly messy of an eater you are. (Hint: Eat before the date)

4. Do not forget to bring extra gum, perfume and deodorant 

5. DO NOT kiss or sleep with someone on the first date or hang out.

If I stuck with these 5 somewhat simple rules, my night with Jace might not be a complete disaster.

"Jace" I grinned opening the door fully while adjusting my jacket and purse.

"Aspen! Long time no see!" I rolled my eyes at the awful sarcasm that dripped off his words causing him to smirk.

"You ready?"

Uh ya, I've been ready for half an hour waiting for you, while staring at the door like a lost puppy.

"Yup! Let's go" 

"I hope you don't mind, but considering that I don't have a vehicle in my possession at the moment I thought we could take the bus and walk like when we were little" He shoot me a side ways smile while glancing at me showing that he wanted some type of conformation or agreement on his brilliant idea.

"Aw yes I remember this route like the back of my hand. Ya that's fine." I chuckled remembering a tiny Jace and Aspen running down the streets towards the bus stop grinning wildly at the thought of being such rebel bad asses.

"We were the coolest kids around back then"

I glanced at Jace weirdly making him chuckle at my confused expression and shake his head.

"Well at least I thought we were. Sneaking out at 14 years old, travelling half way across the city, we didn't care" 

His words made me grin stupidly towards the ground as the memories of the nights we snuck out flooded my mind. Yup we were definitely the coolest kids around back then, but we were also the stupidest. We got caught the next day almost every single time due to our parents noticing the bracelets for the rides that we had dumbly not cut off our wrist.

"It was worth it" I giggled out, crossing my arms over my chest and swaying from side to side.

"Oh ya definitely, lost my video game rights for weeks though, every single time" He said feigning an upset face and pouting his lip out.

"Mom took my my phonograph away too, no music for 2 weeks, was the worst days of my life" I sighed jokingly causing both of us to chuckle.

"You still have that old thing?"

Did I still have that old thing? Of course I still have it! It was my prize possession, my baby. How else am I suppose to listen to the original hits of my lovers Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley?

"Oh ya wouldn't dream of getting rid of it"

A comfortable silence had fallen over us as we had reached the bus stop and waited, the bus only arriving 5 minutes later. 

One of the things I had always liked to do when I was travelling on a bus or a subway train, was putting a story to the vacant faces that sat scattered around me. I usually did this to pass the time but also because it was entertaining and fun. 

Glancing over at Jace who sat leaned back lazily in his bus seat looking somewhat bored, an idea popped into my head causing me to elbow him softly.

"Wanna play a game?"

His face scrunched up slightly in confusion before he raised his eyebrow in a 'okay tell me what it is first' kind of way.

"I choose a person that's on this bus and you have to match a story as to why they're here" 

He glanced around quickly before slowly returning his gaze to me and sitting up straighter. A playful glint had made its way into his eyes, competently absorbing the confusion that used to swirl in them.

"Interesting, I've never been one to shy away from a challenge. Bring it on." 

I smirked while glancing around the bus in search of a person to test Jace's creativity with. My eyes straining in thought for a few minutes before my gaze finally fell upon a very skinny woman in what looked to be her mid 30's. She sat a few rows back from us, her hair slightly tossed in a messy way with the odd leaf or grass in it and her very red lipstick slightly smudged as she kept attempting to pull up her top that continuously feel down her right shoulder revealing her brightly colored bra.

"Okay blondie 3 rows back from us, cheetah print top" I smirked watching as he waited a minute before glancing back at her. He laughed loudly before throwing his hand over his mouth and ducking his head so that the girl wouldn't see him. I followed his actions by slumping down in my seat and letting myself muffle my own laughter through my hands.

"Wow um, okay. New mistress of a rich man, probably some type of business adviser whose wife doesn't fulfill his 'sexual needs'. Met her at a shitty bar, someplace like 'Rick's Nest' I'm thinking. Spent time mopping to her drunk about how terrible his relationship was and how he wished he had a different life. Wife goes away on trip with friends for the weekend and he invites her over for 'fun time'. Little does he know that his wife was having second thoughts about the trip and decided she would just go home and spend the weekend with her 'loving' husband. Husband discovers that wife has decided to come home, and quickly asks blondie to scurry out the window before his wife finds out. Blondie crawls out the window and begins to descend herself down the roof when she hits a broken or loose shingle causing her to loose her balance and tumble off the roof, before landing somewhat safely in a bush. Blondie gathers herself after a few minutes of groaning, then quickly scurries to the nearest bus stop, a.k.a this one, and is now currently thinking about how big of mistake she made screwing with a married man, but also thinking that she'd probably do it again in the future. The end."

I tried to suppress the laughs that were begging to be released from my belly by gazing at him with an amused epression. We stared at each other for a few more minutes before we both bursted out into fits of laughter, tears welling up in each of our eyes.

"That was possibly one of the most detailed analyzation of someone I've ever seen. You got all that from looking at her?" I giggled while shaking my head at him.

"What can I say, I have a gift" He joked shrugging his shoulder pointedly and grinning.

"So you think you could top that?" He asked shoving my shoulder with his playfully.

"You know what, I think you win this one" I chuckled while shaking my head again at the stupid smirk that had plastered itself across his face.

He had a really nice face. Shut up Aspen. What he does. Focus.

"We should be there in about 10 minutes" He sighed out impatiently while checking the time on his watch.

I leaned back against my seat at his words before relaxing my head against my headrest and closing my eyes in the process. Letting out a short sigh I heard Jace move beside me, sounding as if he was trying to find a comfortable position as well, before he broke the comfortable silence one last time.

"You know, I still kinda think we're the coolest kids around."













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