Six years have passed since Gaea was defeated. Leo returned to Camp with Calypso, and the Greek and Roman demigods have made peace with each other. The Seven, Reyna, Nico, and Trixie Torena, (my OC), were offered immortality, and of course they accepted. The half-bloods are finally getting a break...
That is, until 20-year-old Nico and 19-year-old Trixie, being the 'Ambassadors of Olympus' and the 'Champions of Hades', are sent to Asgard on a diplomatic mission, where Trixie befriends a certain trickster god...
What will happen when Loki makes a deal with Thanos to save one of his only friends... Trixie?


1. Trixie Astutus Torena

[Just some facts I thought you'd like to know about Trixie...]

Full Name: Trixie Astutus Torena

Name Meanings: Astutus means cunning or clever in Latin

Age: 9 when arrived at Camp, 11 when fought in the Second Titan War, 13 when fought in the Giant War, now 19

Godly Parent: Hades

History: Mother, Amy Torena, was killed protecting her daughter from a Cyclops when driving Trixie to Camp for the first time. Trixie had been 9 then, and arrived at Camp Half-Blood a few hours later, just weeks after Nico ran away. An excellent fighter and Mist-User, she helped Nico convince Hades to aid the gods in the Second Titan War. She is known for taking a knife for Hermes when Kronos tried to stab him, joining Kronos's army to spy for the gods, being tortured after Kronos found out she was a double-agent, slaying Atlas when he escaped from his punishment for the second time, and single-handedly holding off Kronos for several minutes so other demigods could escape before retreating herself. Only a few weeks later, Nico and Tixie were sent to Camp Jupiter as the 'Ambassadors of Pluto'. When it became clear that they needed to close the Doors of Death, the two siblings set out to find information about them. A monster let slip some clues, and they headed towards Greece. They had no idea that it was a trap set by Gaea. Nico was captured and thrown in Tartarus, while Trixie barely escaped with her life. She shadow-traveled to New Rome, then lay unconscious for two days in the infirmary. When she woke up, Trixie once again shadow-traveled to join up with the Seven, who were on the Argo II. After rescuing Nico and the little episode where Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus, they blahblahblahfollowingthestory. While Hazel goes off to see Hecate, the Argo II was ambushed and Trixie gets kidnapped and dumped into Tartarus, conveniently falling on top of Percy and Annabeth, who had been sleeping. The trio fought their way to the Elevator of Doom, aka the Doors of Death, nearly driven insane along the way. When they reach the Doors, Trixie volunteers herself to stay and help Bob and Giant Whatshisname, because she knew that just two people couldn't hold off the monsters for 11 minutes. Plus, 'foes bear arms to the Doors of Death'. Foes: demigod: Trixie, Titan: Bob, and Giant: Giant Whatshisname. She literally forced Percy and Annabeth into the Doors. Then blahblahblahfollowingthestory. When the War ends, Hades finally realizes that his daughter was missing, and asks the demigods, who cower beneath him and says that she 'still in-in-'. Hades throws a godly tantrum and manages to summon his daughter from Tartarus, where Trixie had been in the middle of a torture session arranged by Kronos and Tartarus himself. Then blahblahbl- (you know what, I'm too lazy to finish typing that).

So, in the end, Trixie, Nico, Reyna, and the Seven, (Leo had already returned to Camp with Calypso), were granted immortality, which they accepted. Thalia was, too, but she remained Artemis's faithful lieutenant.

Gods they got turned into:

Percy: God of Loyalty, Quests, and Water

Annabeth: Goddess of Architecture, Competitions, and Wits

Frank: God of Beasts and Weapons

Hazel: Goddess of Jewels, Metals, and Riches

Jason: God of Air, Heroes, and Heroines

Piper: Goddess of Charmspeak and Young Love

Leo: God of Fire and Inventions

Reyna: Goddess of Strength, Willpower, and Leadership

Nico: God of Shadows, Darkness, Ghosts, and Forgiveness

Trixie: Goddess of Scars, Second Chances, Hope, Perseverance, Lies, Tricks, Thievery, and Mischief (cuz remember earlier on Trixie took a knife for Hermes, and now he's returning the favor) 


So thank you guys for reading until here, I'll update maybe once or twice a week... :P

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