Mr. All Australin

Have you ever fell in love with someone you bump into that you have a big BIG crush since they started the band?? Yes this is a micheal�� fanfiction (don't judge he's my FAVORITE ONLY MINE!!) micheal only stays in California for 3 days BC of tour will Maddie and micheal become a "thing".....but Maddie is Luke's sister how will micheal feel about him dating his best mates sister?? Read to find out (this is my first one btw)��


1. about meh!!

Hello my name is Madelyn Hemmings

But PLZ call me Maddie 😉 I'm 19

I have color hair it's blue (bleach blue)

I live with my father since I was 7

I love music😍🎶 Mostly rock!!!

I'm in love with 5SOS!!!!😍

Blink182,green day, my chemical romance,

Panic at the disco,nivarna ...there's a lot more

I love cats (kittens😍)

I get bullied a lot

My outfit is black ripped skinney jeans

Band T-shirt and converse or vans

I love to read😍📖

I only have 2 friends they are

Nicole,and Lilly

There's a school bitch name Mackenzie

She thinks she's all that but she's just a slut

That likes to bully kids who hate there life

(Me!!) and my father has a surprise for me

Yay can't wait for him to tell me!


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