The Cold King: Moonlight Rebellion

Many years have passed since the third world war and the world is in great need if the Cold King. Mizuki was long ago chosen as the Cold King because of his rivaling powers to the High King. But, ten years ago, he disappeared. Leaving all that he loved behind and forgotten. But now he's come back to protect the world from a great rising evil power.


1. Prologue



“Mizuki! Wake up the brats!” mom called out to me. I looked up from my book and nodded. Mom was busy with her morning sword practices and the brats, as mom likes to call the, are busy snoozing away.


Placing my book down to the ground, I started heading off to the room where the brats shared. “Wake up Mikoto! Suguha!” I called into the room.


Suguha was the first one to wake up. Slumping around in his blanket, he groaned and complained at how early it was for someone to wake up. “It's already half past seven,” I glared. Suguha isn’t really my favorite of the brats. Either is Mikoto. He’s the worst. “Wake up Mikoto, Anne’s waiting for you guys.” I waited a moment then continued. “You guys know what will happen if you’re even a second late.”


That had gotten them. I saw Suguha stiffen whole Mikoto winced. The two of them were scared of mom, not to mention terrified. The first time they came to the dojo to train, Suguha and Mikoto had challenged her to a duel but had unfortunately lost due to their unconventional teamwork and their lack of power over mom’s. Well, she's not the High King for nothing.


As I walked away from Suguha’s and Mikoto’s room. I slipped into the garden where my parents were growing, I checked on them to make sure that they weren’t being eaten by any creatures of some sort or have been growing at a rate that I want them to.


“They look, nice.” my heart skipped a beat as someone had appeared behind me. Taking swift steps, I turned around and flashed backwards to keep a safe distance from the stranger. “Oh my, you look like you're about to hurt someone.”


I glared. “Who are you?” I asked.


The stranger, a man, smiled. He was old, maybe around his forties and fifties. He had a short gray beard and mustache, his eyes were pure black, and the type of skin color he had was somewhat strange for a japanese person. It was tender and dark, and kind of wrinkly. “Oh my, how rude of me,” the man bowed gracefully that I wondered how he could do that with such an old body.


“I am Shuhe,” the man winked at me, which sent shivers down my spin. “I’m the Silver King.”


Old King as I would say….My mind trailed off. I blinked, twice. Wait! He’s a King! The Silver King at that? “I-I…” I couldn’t find the right words to say.


The Silver King laughed, his laugh was mixed in with a booming sound of sakura petals breezing through the wind. “Oh don’t worry about that,” he said. “I know you were just trying to protect what is yours.” He nodded as if he understood.


I relaxed and sighed. i looked up at him, but kept my gaze low. “Why are you here?” I asked. “Do you need my mo--,” I stopped myself before I could say anymore. “Do you need Anne?” I asked.


The Silver King narrowed his eyes, I wondered if he had heard my hesitation. “No,” he simply answered. “Today, I did not come to speak with Anne,” he said. “instead, I came to speak with you.” he said.


I blinked, surprised. “M-me?” I asked. And what do you mean by today? Have you come here more than once? I wanted to ask.


He nodded. “Yes,” he brushed his bread with his long and crackling fingers. “Tell me, what is your place in the world? Which king do you hope to become?” he asked.


I blinked, surprised. Really, I hadn’t expected someone to ask me that. “W-well, sir...I hope to become the Cold King…sir….” I stammered.


The Silver King narrowed his eyes. “Second best to Anne the High King?” he asked.


I blushed and nodded. “It’s, it's been my dream.” I said.


The Solver king nodded. “I can understand that. Many king candidates have dreamed of becoming the Cold King. Since the third world war, there hasn’t been anyone province enough to become king of the Cold Clan.”

I blushed.


“Anyway, I think it’s a great dream,” the Silver King smiled a smile I never knew anyone could ever smile. “And I know you’ll become a great king.”


A light opened up in my heart. Something hollow and deep was being replaced with something warm and happy.


Become a great King, Mizuki. Become The Cold King and never let your heart be blinded by greed and power. Those were the Silver King’s last words before he suddenly disappeared in array of silver wind and white light.


Yes, I’ll become a great king. The Cold King. I promised.

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