Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


6. Chapter 6

The next morning when I woke up I looked at the time to see that it was only about to be 6am which means I have an hour until we have to be up and get ready for school I then got up and got the bag of my parents belongings and slowly walked out of the house once I was out of the house I went walking to my house when I opened the door I went to my room and laid on my bed and cried I miss them so much I wanted them to come back and I know that's not possible I then began to look through my parents things and truth be told my parents made good money I then decided to go shower I then got in the bath tub and took a bath while crying once I got out I changed into our school uniform then since I didn't want to do my hair I just put it in a pony tail then I went into my mom's room and got her make-up to cover up the dark circles under my eyes I then also got some eye drops and put some in my eyes I then went back to my room to put on my contacts but then I remembered I didn't have any more so I went to my desk and pulled out my glasses. As I was getting my school bag ready my phone began to ring I answered it then said "hello" "where are you at?" "at home I came to get ready for school" "oh" "I'll be over in a few" "okay" I then hung up and quickly got a granola bar and a water bottle then I got my keys then locked up the house then walked to Lauren's place when I got there I knocked on the door then it opened and a couple of seconds later there stood Lauren she then smiled at me then I walked in then she said "hungry?" "no I ate at home" "what did you eat?" "a granola bar" "Denise that's not food" "it's fine Lauren I'm really not hungry" "okay okay" then I sat on the couch as they ate breakfast then Nathan came into the living room and said "oh hey Denise I didn't know you were coming over" "um yeah" then Lauren said "Nathan leave her alone" then he walked to the kitchen then I was watching whatever was on the TV then I noticed it was the news and of course they were talking about the shooting from last night I didn't even notice that I was crying until Lauren was in front of me trying to calm me down once I was calm I then whispered "sorry" "no it's okay you have nothing to to be sorry about" "have you told him he looked so confused?" "no I didn't know if you wanted him to know" "you tell him I wouldn't be able to"  "okay let me go tell him" "okay" I then sat there then moments later  there mom walked in the living room and she said "morning" "morning" "did you get any sleep last night?" "yeah just 4-5 hours though" "you don't want to stay here today and not go to school?" "no it's okay I'll be okay" "okay but if you don't feel well feel free to tell Lauren to call me" "okay" I then heard a loud gasp from behind me and about 5 minutes later there mom was saying that it was time to go so we all got in the car and were on our way to school, if I'm being honest I really didn't want to come to school but I also really didn't want to stay at Lauren's house without one of them there so I just decided to come to school and I have Nathan in all my classes so I won't be alone. When we arrived at school we all said 'bye' and walked inside the school Lauren then said "I'll be back okay I'm going to my locker" I then nodded my head then since Nathan's locker was literally right next to mine we went to them then I got out the books I was going to need then Nathan said "I heard what happened Lauren told me" "yeah I know" "I'm sorry you don't deserve this" "yeah I know but it happened there's nothing I could do to bring them back" I was once again crying then Nathan opened his arms to hug me and I hugged him then he said "please don't cry love I know it hurts but be strong for them" he then kissed the top of my head then he was rubbing my back to calm me down then he said "look my mom gave me this note to show to all the teachers explaining your situation and that if you break down during class that I'm supposed to take you out of the classroom and let you get fresh air" "oh your mom is so nice I don't know what I'd do without her" "yeah my mom likes you so that's a good thing" "yeah I guess so" Nathan then closed his locker then we began to walk to class then Nathan put his arm around my neck then he said "I just noticed your friend didn't come up to you today" "I didn't even notice my heads really not in it's right state of mind right now" "yeah true" "yeah I mean is she sees me she might not come up to me" "yeah true does she know what happened?" "no I didn't tell her because of what she did to me over the weekend" "oh true" "so yeah it's fine really" "wait isn't that her by the classroom?" "yeah I wonder why she's right there" "wait hold up" "what?" "you wear glasses?" "I use contacts but I ran out so I had to use my glasses" "they make you look smart" "you bet your ass they do" "oh god hahahahaha" then I heard someone say "Denise!" I looked to see Lauren running towards us when she got up to us I said "what's up?" "just wanted to see if your okay" "for right now I'm good" "that's good okay I'll see you at lunch okay" "okay bye" "bye" Lauren then walked away then I felt a tap on my shoulder I then looked to see Melissa there she then said "hi" "oh um hi" "can we talk later like at lunch?" "um maybe I'll probably be at the field with Nathan and his sister" "okay" then she walked away then we walked into the class then Nathan stood at the front to talk to the teacher about the note his mom gave him then I seen the teacher nod his head and then looked at me and nodded again then Nathan came and sat next to me and class began. I had managed to get through 3 classes before I broke down before lunch my third period class was photography and of course Nathan was in the class, the teacher was deep in one of her stories about her family when I broke down Nathan then saw me then he raised his hand then the teacher came up to him then she said "your both excused, I'm sorry Denise" I then quickly got up and went outside while Nathan got my school bag and books when he got out of the class he just hugged me then we walked to the field and we sat at the bleachers then I said "I'm sorry I tried to not break down" "no you have nothing to be sorry about it's okay to cry your hurting" "I know" "it's okay" "why me? What did I do to deserve this?" "I don't know babe" then I heard someone say "oh no what happened?" "she broke down in class" Lauren then hugged me then she said "there it's okay let it all out you will feel better once you do" "I miss them so much" "I know, I know" I then cried and cried then I heard "oh um should I um just leave?" I then looked to see Melissa there Lauren then said "just give her a minute she's had a tough morning" "oh okay" Lauren then whispered "are you okay?" "for now yeah" "look I know it's tough right now but eventually it will get easier to deal with trust me I've gone though this before" "I know it's just hard right now" "yeah I know" Once I calmed down I looked to see Melissa still there on her phone I then went into my school bag then got out my mirror and eye drops then put some in so it could take the redness away then Melissa looked at me then she said "so can we talk?" I then nodded my head then got up and went to go talk to her we then sat on the grass and she said "look first of all I wanted to say I'm sorry for how I acted this weekend I should've never said any of that stuff especially about the boyfriend thing I know it was hard for you to get through that and I know how tough it was for your parents to go through all of that with you I'm sorry" "it's fine really don't sweat it" "wait your forgiving me that easily?" "I just said it was fine, what you said was wrong and hurtful because you never almost got raped before so you don't know what it feels like and I've told you that you always change to a different person when your with Alex you become someone I don't know" "but I love him" "you shouldn't have to change for him to love you, someone should love someone for who they truly are not for someone there not" "I bet those new kids don't know the real you?" "they know about the almost rape they were there for me with YOU insulted me about getting a boyfriend they already saw me at my worst and my best trust me they know the real me" "in just a couple of days?" "yeah there's not much I have to tell" "so what you replaced me now?" "oh I never said that your the one who said it" "I'm just asking?" "no I haven't replaced you" "oh" "just don't be surprised if I stop coming to this school" "why?" "that's not important really" "oh" "yeah" "why are you out here?" "because it's lunch time" "but the field really?" "what's so wrong about the field?" "bugs and sun and people" "there's people everywhere" "but inside is better" "then you can go inside" "I don't want to be alone" "then stay with us?" "with you and the new kids?" "yeah why not you don't want to be alone" "oh yeah true" I then got up from where I was sitting and walked back to Nathan and Lauren when I got back Lauren said "are you hungry?" "no I'm okay" "Denise?" "I'm not hungry Lauren" "what if I said they were giving pizza for lunch?" "I'll pass" Melissa said "you never pass up pizza something must be really wrong" "I'm just not hungry" Nathan said :how about a cookie?" "you guys are going to keep offering me food till I eat huh?" Lauren said "pretty much" "do you have a cookie?" "I can go buy one" Nathan then said "I'll go" "wait I want to go too I want to see what type of cookies they have" "alright" I then got up and walked with Nathan to the cafeteria then he went to go get the cookie while I waited for him when he came back he said "they only had chocolate chip cookies" "oh those are my favorite" "aren't they everyone's favorite?" "no not all the time" "okay true" "yeah" "do you know what's going to happen to you now?" "no not a clue" "do you think your going to be put in an orphanage?" "probably that's where kids like me go" "that sucks" "I know, I'm going to hate it there I already know" "you never know" "yeah I know true" "hopefully if you do go to one they let you continue to come to this school" "yeah true hopefully" when  we got back to the field Lauren was just sitting there while Melissa was on her phone I then sat next to Lauren then offered her some of my cookie and she gladly took some then she said "my mum texted me saying she will be here after school to pick us three up" "alright sounds good" "have you gotten any homework today?" "no not yet you?" "yes ugh" "I can help you if I could concentrate on it because you know" "yeah true" "wait I'm staying at yours again?" "yup you heard my mum" "true okay then" then once the bell rang we all got up and the four of us walked to class Melissa then went her own way without saying bye once she was gone Lauren said "well she seems um very nice" "I don't know why she was so quiet today she's never that quiet" "maybe because of the weekend?" "probably" "did you tell her about your parents?" "no" "oh" "she will eventually find out from the news" "yeah I guess your right" "yeah she might be mad but oh well" "yeah true" then Lauren went to her class and me and Nathan went to ours. A couple of hours later it was finally the last class of the day which was math and as I was helping someone with there math work I suddenly broke down and they looked at me with concern then the teacher came up to us then said "are you guys..... oh um Nathan?" Nathan then came up to us then got my stuff from my desk and put it in my school bag then got his stuff then I said "I'm sorry" I then got up and walked out of the class with Nathan then he hugged me then said "there there it's okay" "I miss them" "I know you do" "I don't want to be alone" "your not alone me and Lauren are here for you" "thanks" "no problem babe, let's wait for Lauren in the front my mum's going to come for us" "okay" we then walked to the front of the school and waited for Lauren to get out of class and this whole time I was crying with my face in Nathan's chest with him hugging me after a while I heard "is she okay?" "uh yeah it's bee a rough day sorry she couldn't finish helping you" "it's fine I just wanted to make sure she was okay" "thanks" "no problem" then finally Lauren went up to us then she said "again?" "yeah" "Denise?" "yeah" "I know your not okay but it's okay to cry okay" "okay" "come on my mum's here" we then walked to there mum's car and when we got in I sat in silence then we were on our way to there house then I followed Lauren to her room then she said "do you have homework?" "just for math" "oh Nathan's probably going to need help with that" "yeah probably um before I start I need to go get clothes for tomorrow and to change" "I can go with you" "yeah sure" "let me go tell my mum" "okay" I just sat there on my phone when suddenly I got a text from Melissa saying "since when are you and Nathan dating?" I then replied "what the fuck are you talking about?" "I seen you two hugging after school" "he was comforting me I haven't been having the best couple of days" "couple of days?" "yeah like this weekend was complete shit" "oh" "yeah we are not dating" "okay then" then a couple of minutes later Lauren came in the room then said "alright let's go" I then got up and we walked to my house when we got there I walked in and it all hit me like a train they were truly gone and they weren't coming back I then went up to my room and I went to my closet and got some clothes and quickly changed then when I finished I got some clothes for school tomorrow then there was a knock at the door and me and Lauren went to the door when I opened it there was this guy and girl there they then said "hi" "um hi" "are you Denise?" "who wants to know?" "we are from child services" "let me guess your here to take Denise to an orphanage?" "yes" "well your talking to her" "oh um well I thought this was going to be difficult" Lauren then said "wait my mum's on the way" I then looked back at the people then I said "can I still go to my regular school?" "yes the orphanage is 5 minutes away" "okay and will I be able to see my friends like I go to there house and they come to me?" "you would have to talk to the lady who owns the orphanage" "okay" then when Lauren's mum and Nathan showed up there mom did all she could to try to let them let me stay with them but they said they couldn't let me stay with her I then accepted the fact that I was going to have to go then they said "pack as many things as you can" I then went upstairs and went into my parents room and got a suitcase that was in there closet and went to my room and packed as many things as I could which was an okay amount of clothes that I would need once I got everything I needed I closed up the suitcase then took it downstairs then the lady said "what's going to happen to the house?" "nothing it's mine now it's paid off" "okay then let's go" When everyone walked out of the house I turned on the alarm and locked the door then I went to go say bye to Nathan and Lauren I then said "don't be sad guys I'll see you tomorrow" I then hugged Lauren then I said "don't cry I'll see you tomorrow love" I then hugged her again then went to Nathan then I said "I'll see you tomorrow okay" "okay" he then kissed my cheek then I went to their mum and said "thank you so much for letting me stay" "you're very welcome" "bye" "bye love be careful out there" "I will"  I then got into the car and we were on our way to the orphanage, ready to begin this journey that I knew I was not going to enjoy one bit well here goes nothing I'm an orphan now. 

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