Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


8. A/N

 Hi guys Denise here I know I haven't updated this story in a while and that's because truthfully a lot has been happening in my life right now don't think I haven't forgotten about these because I haven't even though I'm not updating on here I am typing out the chapters on my laptop so when I get the chance to come back on here I can post like maybe 2-3 chapters for you all. 

In other news last Wednesday the 1D fandom lost a loved one other wise known as Johanna Deakin (Louis Tomlinson's mum) and for us it was a big loss she was such a kind hearted women who didn't deserve what she got she will be missed dearly by us and her beautiful 7 kids and wonderful husband. 

Johanna I miss you so much not a day goes by and I don't think about you or your family. But I know for a fact that your smiling down at all of us I know for a fact that your up there proud of your kids especially Louis with his wonderful song he sang in memory of you on the X-Factor it's such a beautiful song 😊 . I know your up there watching us all and I know one day we will meet. I love and miss you so damn much that it physically hurts 💖 

Fly High Jay👼 💜

All The Love, 

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