Cool For Cats

Nancy, a widow and an aspiring model of the 1960's, has a friendly cat. The cat has brought her fame and fortune in many ways. It was all wonderful until she met the love of her life. Her feline becomes less adorable, with this, she makes some... physical changes. This brings danger to all, including herself. How can she balance love if her furry friend won't let her move on? Unless this charming young man has a dirty secret...


1. Cat Person

My name is Nancy Fawn. If you haven't heard of me, well here's your chance:I used to be a model back in the 60's. I was known as "The Cat Woman". My cat, Monet, and I were on the cover of all the magazines back then. I was just in my early 20's. I was a golden blonde with blue eyes, and Monet was a handsome Bengal cat. He was my best friend. I got him as a birthday present from my husband. He's been dead for 28 years. I'm 53 years old now. I live in a dirty apartment building with 1 cat. It's not Monet. Her name is Hera. She is old like me. We're both going to die alone, with no significant other. She is a sweet cat, she can never remind me of the horrors that happened in the late 60's. I've been in hiding ever since. I walk up to the old, mangled "fire place", and stare at the black and white photos in chipped frames. There was a picture of me and my family (probably 1947), me and my first cat, Rochester, he was a calico (probably 1957), and then the wedding photo. The notorious wedding photo. It was 1964. Flashbacks hit me hard this time. I see his happy eyes looking at me. Then suddenly, light tears of joy stream down his face. We laugh and laugh, he holds me up into the air, like i'm a ballerina. He puts me down. "Let's celebrate." He says, laughing. We race to the car. Then something stops me. A gunshot. I feel my body, I wasn't shot. I turn to him. I scream. Then I'm back to reality. I'm in my apartment again. Lonely, sad, and widowed. To Be Continued...

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