Notebook Diary (Jungkook ft. V)

Daily basis emotions brought to you into a book with a sad ending. How do you think the fictional life of Jeon Jungkook is? Who do you think he meets online? Is it his mind reflection, and imagination or is it a real person on the other side of the world feeling what Jungkook feels?

*Inspired by a book I read. By no means am I copying it, or something like that.*

*updates every thursday and monday*



3. Entry 3/Dec.12

Yeah I know I didn't write in here for like 2 days.  I didn't mean to. I sort of lost the notebook in school. Yeah I'm stupid. I found it though. I prayed that no one read anything in here whilst it was out of my hands. 

To fill in for the missed days, I kept receiving messages from anontae. They were some sort of 

 Hey I feel lost.

I don't know. I add u here, but I need talk to you. 

He send me a pic of himself as I replied to him a few times. I really felt like I had to know who that kid was. It freaked me out when he read the words in my mind. 

He sent me this. 

I wasn't trying to be a creep, but yes I did go and print the pic he sent me just so I can paste it here. Might become memorable.. 

I don't seem to believe that that's him, though. He doesn't look like what he texts. < It doesn't make sense. 

He just sounds like he is coming straight out my mind which is such a dark place that his face just reflects too prettily to be it. 

I think he is Korean? I don't know. He could be Chinese or something. He just doesn't seem to be fluent in English, though. He misses a lot of words when he types, and it confuses me. I don't know if I should ask him what he is tonight or not.

He is never online when I'm not. When I login, he logs in. I noticed. 

So creepy. 

Anyway, enough about the kid. My friend hasn't been at school at all. The last time she was, was the last time I mentioned her. I have to sit alone at lunch now. I just listen to music, and try to stay farther away from orange boy as possible. He is so annoying. He is about a cm taller than me, and he thinks that he is the shit. The fact that I hold myself from stabbing him straight through the guts is because I'm not that much of a fucker. Like him. 

My aunt has been way to nice to me these days. The fact she yelled at me, and told me to go cut my veins, might have brought her back to life, and she is feeling apologetic? Or something else is going on, but I have to worry about something else.

My phone is still in that dude. The last thing I want to do was talk to him, and try to get it back. I have to call Patriot21a4 soon. Yes. She does make me call her that, and not by her real name. I got too used to it, so I will just refer to her as that. 

I haven't been feeling like a worthless shit ever since I started replying to anontae.

He takes bad thought out of my mind as he replies with it, and then a smile emoji next to it. I don't understand. I don't understand him..

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