War with love

A girl in love with two guys.She has trouble who she wants she love both of them.But when one day ask her out she does not know who to choose.Will she make the right choice or will her life become awful.


2. Chapter Two

I was siting on the floor when a group of girls came up to me."Oh look here Dina the weirdo is siting out in the hallway."Jane said smiling.Jane always bully me since kindergarten."I'm not in the mood to be mess with Jane." I said looking mad at her."Did you get put out here because the teacher didn't want to see your weird face."Jane said laughing as well her friends."Shut up you think you're all that well your not so go away with your group of spoiled brats and die in a hole." I said looking at her angry eyes."Your going to pay for that girl grab her."Jane said.Two of her friends grab me and took me outside."Now who will be the honor to punch Dina." Jane said smiling."What you scared of blood." I said looking at her not even scared.Jane got mad and walk up to me and punch me in the face then her friend started to punch me along with Jane.They kick me in the stomach and punch me at time.The bellring they stop."Next time keep your mouth shut." Jane said walking away.I stay laying down on the ground covered in my own blood and bruises.I hear someone calling me it was Jeff.Jeff saw me and run up to me."JACK I FOUND HER COME OVER HERE!" Jeff yelled as Jack run over here."Did Jane did this to you?" Jeff said looking mad.I stayed quiet."We need to take her to the nurse."Jack said.Jeff hug me pick me up."Jeff I don't want to go to the nurse." I said will looking at him."Why not Dina your hurt and your bleeding you need to go to the nurse."Jeff said with worried look on his face."I know your worried but I'm fine I like to see my blood." I said smiling."Dina your not fine stop please listen to me I know your not fine please let go clean you up."Jeff said.I could see tears start to form on Jeff eyes."Jack I need to talk to Jef please we will meet you at the baseball field in few mins." I said.Jack shake his head and ride his bike to the baseball field."Jeff why are you about to cry?" I said looking at him."You don't get it do you." Jeff said wiping his eyes."Don't get what." I said looking confused.Jeff put me down."Dina I'm not going to tell you why intill you figure out why I'm going to take you home then go to the baseball field you need to stay home today." Jeff said while he get his bike unlock."No I don't want to go home just leave me alone you don't know what I been going through now you will not tell me what going on." I said in angry run off.I run into the forest that was by are school.I sit on the ground in the mid of the forest.I hate this why would he not tell me.I cried for awhile.Then i got up stared to walk but then I notice I was going in circles."Dang it I'm lost and it's dark."I said to my self thinking what going to happen to me now.

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