Killer academy

A school full of killers ?! You have got to be kidding me !


1. First day

As I walked inside the school I was stared at ..Everyone just stared , No one whispered to anybody and no one was laughing either . Just plain old stares . I felt a bit awkward and bit uncomfortable around them , I looked around and the slender man was everywhere oh and his brother's too . Their was one picture I liked , His brothers and him just posing and looking like they were having a good time . But unfortunately Rumors has been spreading that ever since Slender became The actual Murderer in the Family they all have been distant from one another ; Sexual offender man was once just called offender man Just because he Hurt so many people's feelings , But one day he fell in love and trust me he fell hard for that girl but that girl just hurt him instead and her name was Scissor mouth . We'll get to her later . Anyways he was so hurt by her , Her caught her one day , Raped her and killed her. but she was awoken by A girl named Jane the killer . Slender's Enemy And Jeff The killer's enemy . So from that day on he was known as Sexual offender man because he always kidnaps girls and has intercourse with them in his Castle . Second brother is Trender man , The fashionista as most people call him , No one knows if he's gay or not but that's what he seems to act like . Trender was never a killer , He just did fashion . Slender says he got it from their long lost Uncle I forgot his name , But yeah . Trender will fix You're outfit in A quick second if he doesn't approve . And Lastly Splendor man The cheerful Slender brother . Now he of course plays with kids unlike slender he doesn't murder or kidnap them and turn them into killers he just Plays games with them . I would tell you about Slender but their really isn't much to tell , Before I got accepted to this school I did my homework on all of these Killers but When I tried to learn about Slender I didn't really get anything except for the fact That him and his dead girlfriend now were walking in the woods until A drunk driver was passing by , drove into the woods and murdered his girlfriend by hitting a tree and it fell on her . Slender was outraged so he hid from the Driver until the driver pulled out a flashlight and Found slender sobbing near his dead girlfriend . Slender's tentacles spread out into the air , Driver tried to run but was too slow for him so Slender picked him up into the air and Crushed his bones ...Ever since then slender hated humans . So he either kidnapped their kids , Drove them insane to suicidal or Made them his proxies . 

''Hey Are you the new kid ? '' Jeff approached me crossing his arms while giving me a mean look , Knowing Jeff I know he's a huge ass hole so I'm not even going to pick a fight with him . ''Why yes I am , And you must be Jeff the killer . The one that thinks that controls the school right ? ''  ''Well Yeah but - ''  ''I can also be a lady Jeff but I can also be a bitch as well ...Let's be friends '' . I walked passed him patting his shoulder laughing , I can tell his eyes were on my back I can just feel it . Weird and creepy . Anyways Yes , I studied Jeff the killer as well and So many point of views were shown to me , I literally had to go to different libraries to Find some background on him . ''Hey there sweet cheeks '' I can recognize that kind of attitude any where and it was Ben's , I turned around and their he was . Proud and full of Joy . ''Hey Ben , What's up ? ''  I said hoping he won't keep flirting ''Nothing much , Just thinking About you right now , with me alone ...All day '' I rolled my eyes flicking his forehead and walking away from him laughing ''Not gonna happen kiddo , Maybe when you're older ''  He shouted back aggravated ''I'm just short !! I'm actually Fifteen !! '' . I kept on walking away , I Now know that this will be the best school I have ever went to ! .

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