" I was just there at the wrong time and moment " but somehow my life changed forever in ways i could have never imagined.


1. A bit about me

Chapter 1.

Well i guess this is how I should start my story . My name is Kristen Hill , 17 years old , living in L.A . I guess I can say I'm normal but i'd be lying i'm not i'm a lookalike of a big  celebrity black long hair , blue eyes , big lips , curvy figure o and did i mention she has over 50 million followers on instagram o yes you guessed it the young rich and famous Kylie Jenner . I look exactly like her from her hair to her figure and personality i can't even tell you how many times i've been stopped on the street for an autograph for me to tell them that i'm not Kylie and still no one believed me . Even my mom says we look so alike it has gotten to the crazy point where people at school are calling me Kylie in the halls 


But compared to this mega rich and famous celebrity my life is quite normal and i like it that way with people never in your buisness and stalking you . On instagram i have over a thousand followers which is pretty decent . I work at Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup store in L.A . My hobbies are tennis , horse riding and dancing . I like art and history in school aswell i can speak 5 languages and have 2 best friends  Daniel and Jonathan . they have been my best friends since 7 grade and are huge jocks at school they always look after me and whenever i'm in trouble they help me . I don't really have friends that are girls because they all hate me as i'm always around Dan and Johnny and they always seem jelouse that i look like Kylie and always whisper when i walk by but that's not my problem .I'ts theirs .

my parents now that's a different story my moms always out of the country planning fashion shows in France , Italy , Russia or other country . My dad is a lawyer so he goes a lot of buisness trips to New york and stuff so mostly i'm home alone with Maria our maid or Alfred our gardener it get's pretty lonely sometimes but I call Dan or Johnny and they always hang around with me .

well I guess that's all there is to me or was now everything has changed all i can say i was at the wrong time and place .

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