Vampire's Kiss

17- year old Vivian is a typical girl with a typical life. Lots of friends, a dog, and a caretaker. She even has a cell phone and chews Juicy Fruit gum. She even has a problem with her left leg. So yeah, typical.
But she starts to have dreams, and then, a short time later, whether minutes or days, what the dream was about, happens in her real life. And they're usually not very good.
It's like she is seeing the future. And, she is attracted to anything red. She tries to shrug it off, until she dreams about a prophecy. She is heiress to the throne of the Scora vampires.
She didn't know vampires were real... until now. She didn't know she was becoming one... until now. She didn't know the hot guy in Bio class was one.. until now. And she is going to face many dangers and obstacles in her way of becoming heir, because an ancient deadly disease is spreading around the world, and there is an evil vampire prince willing to kill her to take her place....

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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