Fallen Angel

"No Law governs them,
No God orders them,
No Love gathers in them,
They are the..... Fallen Angel"

Walking deeper and deeper threw the woods not knowing were I'm going. I finally got to were that thing fell at and I saw someone else there. I ducked behide a tree as I saw a guy standing up. He turns his head my direction and I saw the most beautiful deep blue eyes that I have ever seen. He walked away and I sigh not knowing that I was holding my breathe. I walked to the spot that the guy was at and I saw a feather not just any feather a black feather......



(A/N- HEY GUYS!!! Im'ma do something new to this story

there is going to be lots of P.O.V'S but right now lets get to know the people shall we ^_^)

Taylor's p.o.v

Hiya guys I'm Taylor Walkers, I'm 17 years old and in the 12th grade. I live with my mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Walkers. I have a brother name Kevin and a sister name Ashlee but she goes by Ash. I have 4 best friends name Max, Winter, Rain, and Blake. We are known as the "EMO'S" at our school by what we wear. My favorite color is Purple, I listen to a lot of heavy metal, rock and Alternative type music, I love gummy bears because I like biting the heads of, and pizza is amazing.

Kevin's p.o.v

Yo! My name is Kevin Walker, I'm 18 years old and I'm out of school. I see that you meet Taylor, I have another sister name Ash we're twins, I have 4 best friends name Max, Winter, Blake, and Rain. Since me, Blake, and Ash are out of school we hang out until the others gets out. My favorite color is Black, love food, and music is life. 

Ash's p.o.v

¡hola! My name is Ash Walkers, I'm 18, out of school. I have a twin brother name Kevin and a little sister that i adore name TayTay. I'm so not good at this type of stuff but here we go. I have friends who are also Kevin's and Taylor's friends. I feel sorry for Max, Rain, Winter, and Taylor having to go to that hell hole. But hey, my favorite color is Grey, I love fries, and  rock, metal, and alternative is whats up.

Max's p.o.v

Hello! My name is Max Hawkins, 17, and in 12th grade. I have a little sister name Ally, a abusive father who I hope one day he gets hit by a flying bus. My mom died when I was 10 in a fire. You met 3 of my friends. To be honest I kinda like Taylor she is so beautiful, I love writing and music

Blake's p.o.v

"Yes Ke.... Kevin.....shut the hell up!" ... sorry I was on the phone with idiot. Um lets see?????? Name is Blake Patterson, 18, Drop out, one brother name Shane and two sisters name Gabrielle and Lilly. Reason why I drop out; well my mom and dad died in a wreck and someone had to take care of them and since I'm oldest I had no choice. But hey to be honest I'm in a rush Lilly has to be picked up so bye

Rain's p.o.v

oh my god! I saw a puppy and it was so cute!!!!!! Sorry. My name is Rain Wells, I'm 17 and in 12th grade I have a brother name Skylar. Mom and dad works alot so we just do whatever. I hate school, favorite color is Red and love Music. Well I'm bored Im'ma sleep

Winter's p.o.v

"Blake Anthony Patterson! How could you take my skinny jeans! I don't care you're a guy, you're not suppose to wear girl clothes! ugh! I am not acting like a fucking goddamn child! I want... Don't you dare hang up on me Blake! Blake! Fucking slut!" ....... um hi.... This is NOT.... Damn.... I'm Winter Webs, 17, in 12th grade, only child a mother no father. I have friends seems like you met them all. Um I'm sorry Blake stolen my pink skinny jeans and I'm piss... He is a guy he isn't suppose to wear pink skinny jeans... I'm worried about him..... well I must go bye

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