April's diary

My diary that I'm sharing with you all


1. dear diary : Day one : 8:56

Their is this one girl who is getting on my last nerve . She's telling me if I don't stay out of her life {When I'm not even in it } That something bad is gonna happen . I would LOVE to see her try . Does she know how bad is my temper ? How hard and painful I hit people ? She has no clue and if she ever experiences it Oh I swear to God !! She won't look the same , Probably not even talk the same . I Just want to grab her head and slam it against the floor , Pull her by her long ass hair and Swing her around and then finally throw her across the floor ! Once I'm done I'll walk up to her , Punch her in the jawline a million times , Then hit her stomach with one huge punch ! If she even tries to get up ....Ma God bless my soul . 

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