The Stars Shall Shine Forever

I just thought of a few words and mashed them into poetry. This is the first ever competition I've joined on Movellas so it would really mean a lot to me if you could check my poem out and maybe leave a like and comment! Thanks!❤


1. Poetry

The stars will always shine in the sky,

The sun will always be there to make the heavens glow,

The moon will always be there to light up the night,

For you to see.

So that you may understand,

And follow the path which is of light.


The clouds will always cover the sky,

The trees will always wither and regrow,

For you to understand,

Nothing lies forever dead.


Starlight shall always guide your path,

Even when it is dark,

And even when you are afraid,

The stars will come and light your way,

And your heart as well.


When you are cold,

And when you are bleeding,

The angel will always be there,

To warm you, To comfort you,

And to heal you,

So that you may be whole again.


The mirrors will always be there,

To show you a reflection of yourself,

For you to understand,

Everyone has flaws,

Including you.


The mist will always be there,

To confuse you,

And to lure you away,

But worry not! Because you will find,

There is light still present,

To show you the way.


The jewels will always be there,

To show you their magnificence,

And their beauty.

The flowers will always bloom,

Whatever season it may be,

To remind you that the world is also beautiful,

And not only filled with ugliness.


When you are lonely and sad,

And in need of a friend,

The sunlight will always be there to carress your face,

Making you feel like you have someone,

To confess your fears and worries to.


And when you will ever be sorrowful,

The moon shall always be there to look after you,

And shine upon you and bless you.

And when you are stranded alone in the caves,

You will hear an echo,

Calling to you,

Only to find that you have been saved again.


Darkness will always be there,

For you to understand,

That evil always lurks around.

But light is always present,

To make it known to all,

That light always prevails over the shadows.




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