Me & you { luke hemmings 💗}

I'm Cathryn and I'm 16 my life is not the best but some thing great happens through it , even if I don't like it at first.


1. cuts

Amber!!!! My mom yelled , probably drunk , " yes mom ?" I say , " get your slutty ass down here !" She yelled again , and I walked down stairs and see her with a bottle of whisky in her hand , and she grabbed my hair in the other hand and slapped me and kicked me till I blacked out. When I woke up I ran to my room , I guess my mom went to bed. I ran into my room and went inside the bathroom , I pulled up my sleeve to revel cuts, I open my cabinet and take one of my shiny blades , I put the sharp tip on my wrist and slowly dragged it across my skin . I had enough of this .

(A/N) hey guys this is my 1st story , I hope u like it ❤️ (my name is Joie call me jojo for short , don't judge ) - Jojo

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