"IVY!" I heard him yelled
"What!?!" I scream.
"You can't just walk away." He said sadly.
"And why not Eli? Huh?"I said.
"Because I love you!" he yelled.
"W.. what" I said looking at him.
"I love you Ivy.." He said as he walked up to me. "I'm not letting you go to where ever you're going. He whispers softly as he grab my face and lefting it up to his "please..." He begged as he presses his lips softly against mine. "Don't go.."
"Goodbye Eli" I mumbled against his lips and turn around climbing on the plane
"Ivy!! Please!" He scream before the doors closed behind me.


12. Chapter 9

Ivy's P.O.V

Me and Alexandria has been shopping for 2 1/2 hours it is now 8:00. We walked out to the car and put her stuff in the back. We got in and started the car up, I smiled and pulled out of the parking lot.

"What's going on???" Alexandria asked

"What do you mean??" I asked innocently.

"The dress the make up the shoes?? Everything!!" She said turning toward me

"Nothing is going on Alex I promise" I lied but smiled anyways

"Okay.." she said and dropped it. We finally got to my house and I turn the car off. I got out and grab the bags and walked to the house.

"You go upstairs and take a shower, call me when your done" I said and open the door walking in. She nodded her head and ran upstairs. I put the stuff on the table and got my phone out. I got a text from Elijah that said they were down with everything and Mikey went to go get ready I texted back saying okay and pulled everything out of the bag. 20 minutes later I heard my name being called and looked at the time 8:33 perfect timing I thought and ran upstairs. I walked into the bathroom to see Alexandria still wrap into the towel. I made her sit down, I grab my blow drier and went to work. After drying her hair I plugged in my curling iron and let that heat, I turn her around and did her make up simple of course, after I did her make up I went to work on her hair. 25 miutes of curling and hair spraying I was finish, I told her to go in my room and sit on the bed. I ran down stairs and grab the dress and high heels, then ran back up stairs telling Alexandria to put the dress on well ordering mostly, after putting a strapless bra on and underwear she put the dress on then the heels.

"I'm good" I said with a smirk, she looked at me and rolled her eyes then went to the long mirror I have in my bathroom and I swear I heard her gasp. She came out wide eyed and smiled.

"I don't know what this whole shit is for but thank you" she said and we hugged I looked at the time and saw it was 9:10 I smiled and grab her hand.

"It isn't over yet" I smiled and dragged her downstairs and grab my phone and keys, I handed her the keys and told her to go start the car. She walked away and I texted Elijah.

Elijah's P.O.V

I got a text from Ivy saying that they were about to leave. I texted back saying okay then looked at Mikey who looked like he was about to shit himself.

"Their coming" I said simply because I wanted to know if he would actually shit himself but also because Ivy told me to tell him.

"Oh my god... I think Imma shit myself" he said and I grab my phone and got on camera hitting video

"Okay now you can" I said as he gave me that fuck you look. I laughed and turn my phone off and stood up,

"Imma go wait for them" I said and he nodded.

"Put this on each tree that is connected with the white flower." He said handing me like 20 notes. I nodded and walked away, I stuck the flower and note to each tree until I got to the end. I saw headlights and knew it was them, I walked to them and waved at Ivy. She waved back and smile, gosh she is so beautiful I thought. I looked in the passenger seat and saw Alex blind folded I laughed and walked to the car as they stop.

Ivy's P.O.V

After fighting with Alex about the blind fold she finally gave in, I pulled into the parking and saw Elijah walking toward us. He waved and I smiled.

"Hey Ivy" he said. "Hey Alex"

"Come on Alex" I said as I got out, Elijah helped her out and told her to stay

"I'm not a dog" she snapped.

"Wow someone is cranky" he said and walked towards me "there is notes and a single flower on each tree, he wants her to read them and follow the notes" Elijah whisper in my ear which made chills to run down my body. I nodded and grab Alex's hand and lead her to the trail. I unbound folded her and smiled.

"Follow the notes and flowers" I said and walked away with Elijah.

Alexandria's P.O.V

"Follow the notes and flowers" Ivy said and walked away with Elijah. I nodded and started down the trail I found a note and flower and grab it. I read it and smiled

Note one "Every time I see you my heart skips a beat"

I held onto the flower and note, I kept walking until I saw another note

Note two "every time you are around I can't breath you just so breath taking"

I blushed and kept walking and saw two more notes.

Note three "I love the way you smile"

Note four "I love the way you laugh"

I giggled and kept walking I saw another note and grab it

Note five "your...."

I looked at it and kept walking and saw another note.

Note Six "my....."

I giggled and walked on until I saw Elijah standing there with a dozen roses and a note. I walked up to him and he handed me the flowers and note then walked away

Note Seven "Chipmunk.... And I love you.... Look up baby I want to see your beautiful face"

I smile and looked up to see.......

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