The peace in death

I made this text about death. And its not really for people whos afraid of free speaking. because i dont hide what i mean


1. The peace in death

Death is that thing we’re all afraid to think off. But we can’t stop questioning it, at least I cant. Our mind is so small, we can’t figure out a way not to exist. People are so small minded, we can’t believe that one day we’re not here. We think that we’re so almighty and powerful that we can win over death. But what if instead of thinking about what happened AFTER we die, we could think of what happens when we die? Some guy told me that the second I take my last breath I will see a face, a face so full of fear and hate. My mom used to tell me that It would be like falling asleep on my pillow, slowly closing your eyes, not even noticing that you’re falling. I do know why she told me this, It wasn’t because she believed it herself, but she knew I had the thoughts of death in the early years. I’m 16 and I respect death. Im not afraid, i feel comfort in the thoughts of me dying once. Because that’s the only thing In the future I know for sure will come. Marriage? I wouldn’t try to guess who I end up with. Kids? What if I don’t get any, if I die before, if I cant or just don’t want to.  Death is my peaceful place. Okay that sounds weird out loud, but get me right. I remember being 13 and wanting to die, in that moment. I screamed it out in the house when I was alone. However, I wouldn’t die by other people hands, not my time and I would never let anyone take the power from me. I should kill myself. Because if I could do this, I knew, I was done. I had the power and I won the fight. What fight? Yeah I hear that question a lot. The fight for my life. AFTERLIFE I have no idea what that is. Okay, I do. Like every silly person with a religion, I have a picture of heaven and purgatory. I don’t believe in the heaven they show us in these old school films. In the Danish kindergarten, most kids have heard a story called, The Brothers Lionheart. Two brothers, a tragedy and a big adventure. Ending with this big fight against the evil and where the good win (As always) but anyhow, the author seem to get this into a universe of death a chaos. The story begins with little brother being sick, big brother dying to safe the youngest. Then they travelled to the afterlife. Nangijala, the land of the fairy tales, the knights and the dragons. This is where I believe I end after death. At least I hope so. Purgatory don’t exist. I live in an imaginary world where I don’t believe that bad people exist. When you die, your soul is clean. Because dying is where we lose all contact to our sins, we cant remember who we were before death. So maybe it infinity? Maybe I have already died like four times. In addition, I just can’t remember my old life. This is why I respect death, I will never know if I am already dead.


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