I made this poem about myself,.... theres not much to say


1. Undefined

By Emma Sofie Damsbo

With my eyes closed, i fall. I let all my thoughts fly.

I give them up.
I let the wind take my hair and carry my body with it.
I let the water flow along my side; I take a last breath before it’s over.
The relief of letting go.

I look back at the land that once was mine.
I watch their faces, so full of shame and hatred.
But not for me, for themselves.
I see their mind clear now, I hear their thoughts.


But the only sound I really listen to is the sound of my heartbeat.
I take it step by step, the way forward.
I cant find a way to make it okay for me to leave.
But I do it anyway.


I’ve followed the road for so long now.
Just another step, if its alone or with others?
what’s the difference?
Your voice is in my head.
It’s the loudest of them.

I see you clear now…
All the choices you made to be with me.
All your words a flowing across my mind.
Im sorry had to leave you behind.

But the world is calling my name,
The music is playing my song.
The adventures awaits me.

Im going to find the land of the fairytales.
The unstepped world.
I wanna tell the stories that no one ever found.
I’m gonna be the one discovering the secrets.

I heard a story about a land.
for us who don’t belong
For the lost kids.
We travel to the end of the world
Just to find a new story to begin with.

But my story never ended
My story is saved in history.
Like an old riddle.
 I always wanted this,
To be eternal.

Not by my look,
Never by story.
But by my words,
My deepest thoughts.

I always wanted to be the last.
And maybe my prayer will be heard.
I don’t know who will hear.
But by writing,
I start the endless travel trough Eternity


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