Draco the 'Bad Boy'

For everyone in Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy was the 'bad boy', the boy who picked on everyone who weren't pureblood, or were blood-traitors. But for one girl, she didn't see that in him, and he didn't see her as an annoying girl. What happens when they speak to each other for the first time?


1. The 'Bad Boy'

She saw him always acting rude around everyone. Acting all superior like he owned the place. He acted as if everyone was below him unless you were his friend or something. But never to her. She wasn't his friend, she never spoke to him, yet he was never rude to her. There would be times when their eyes would connect, and she would turn away shyly, refusing to meet his gaze. She remembered the first time they connected eyes. It was during the Sorting Hat in First Year. She had went up and took her seat to be sorted, when she spotted the platinum blonde hair boy. He was snickering with his friends about a boy with his toad, when he turned his gaze to her. Immediately he lost all laughs and had stared at her back. They had stared into each other's eyes until the Sorting Hat yelled out her designated house. “GRIFFINDOR!” the hat yelled. She watched as his eyes turned sad, before walls were built up and she couldn't see any emotions. She went to her seat and that was when it was his go.

“Malfoy, Draco.” the professor called out. She watched as he walked up to the front with a cocky-look on his face and sat down. Before the hat could even be placed on his head, the hat already yelled out his answer.


“Don't mess with him or the other Slytherins.” a red-headed boy told her. He was across from her on the table.

“Why?” she asked him, wondering how he knew what she was thinking of.

“Because they are sneaky little gits.” he said bluntly. “They are sly and rude and full of mischief.” he then held his hand out. “I am Percy Weasley. One of the prefects of the house. It is my duty to protect the First Years.” She gave him a small smile in thanks. “What's your name?”

“Emily,” she whispered, “Emily May.”


* * *


Sixth Year

Since then, she never made her way to Malfoy or any other Slytherin. She decided to listen to her prefect and not go near the Slytherins. It was hard though, because Slytherins hated the Griffindors. The Griffindors were basically walking targets along with the other houses. But not once did Malfoy insult her. He was the 'bad boy' of the school, yet for Emily, she doesn't really believe it if he isn't acting rude towards her. He's rude to every Griffindor, except her. Emily wondered why he never did. There would be times when a fellow Slytherin would insult her, and Malfoy would defend her. Not in front of people though. One moment the bullies are laughing, and the next, whenever they see her, their eyes would widen and they would dash away. Emily had noticed Malfoy would smile smugly in the distance when that happens. Why would Malfoy defend her?

“That's really strange.” Hermione Granger said, the only true friend Emily had. Emily didn't have much friends, since she preferred to keep to herself and just study. One of the many reason why Hermione loved being her friend. So they could study together – someone who understands Hermione when it comes to learning. Emily trusted that she would keep the secrets about Malfoy to herself and not tell anyone – especially the famous Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. And so far, Hermione had kept the secret for six years. “He's still defending you after all these years?”

“Yeah.” Emily nodded. “It's weird though. We've never spoken to each other or anything.”

“Must be love.”

“What?” Emily looked at her with wide eyes.

“Just a theory.” Hermione defended. “Besides, love at first sight isn't real.” Before they could continue on with their talk, the rest of the girls they were sharing the dorm with entered the room. “We'll talk about this later.” Hermione whispered to her, before making her own way to her bed.


* * *


Emily was making her way to breakfast, when she saw Malfoy rushing away in a different direction, what seemed to be tears in his eyes. She then noticed something. He was extremely pale, sunken eyes, dark circles around his eyes, he looked thinner...

Concerned, she quickly made her way after the supposedly 'bad boy'. She followed him all the way to the abandoned girls’ toilets and quietly walked inside. There, she saw Malfoy hunched over a sink, crying. Concerned, she made her way slowly to him. “Malfoy?”

“What are you doing here?” he asked in an attempt to be harsh. But it didn't work when he had tears pouring out of his eyes, looking very vulnerable.

“Wanna talk about it?” she asked him softly.

“He won't tell you.” came Moaning Myrtle's voice. “He wouldn't tell me.”

“Go away, Myrtle!” Malfoy sneered. Moaning Myrtle squealed in fear and went to her toilet crying. Malfoy turned to Emily with a soft expression on his face. “You wouldn't understand.” he said. “You would just hate me more.” he added in a mutter. Emily's eyebrows furrowed at what he said.

“I don't hate you.” she said. “You've done nothing horrible to me. Why should I hate you?”

“Don't you see me in Hogwarts?” he exclaimed. “I'm the bad boy! I bully people, insult your house and the others!”

“Well, there's that.” she agreed. “But I don't hold a grudge over that. It's just who you are. You were raised to think that everyone is bellow you.”

“How do you know that?” he sniffed, wiping his eyes. She gave him a small shy smile.

“I tend to observe my surroundings.” she shrugged. She then stared at him seriously. “Are you sure you don't want to talk about your problem?” she asked him. “You don't look like yourself.”

“I'm fine.” he assured her weakly. He then gazed at her curiously. “Why do you care for me? We're supposed to be enemies.”

“Because we're in different houses?” she retorted. He gave her a sheepish grin. “Malfoy, do you see other houses being only friends with their own house?”

“No.” he admitted.

“I don't know why we can't do the same.” she gave a small shy smile, Malfoy returning one, only for him to lose it when he saw someone lurking around behind her, facing him. Immediately he shoved her to the side, throwing a spell at the person who turned out to be Harry Potter. The two continued throwing spells at each other, when Potter suddenly yelled out a foreign spell to him.


Before he knew it, a body was in front of him, taking the fall. Malfoy and Potter's eyes widen at the sight of Emily lying on the wet floor, bleeding out profusely. “Emily!” Malfoy cried, quickly kneeling down to her. Emily tried to say something to him, only to choke on a sob, the pain unbearable.

“I-I didn't know – she jumped -” Potter stuttered. “I-I didn't m-mean -”

“SHUT UP!” Malfoy yelled. Suddenly Professor Snape entered the bathroom, shoving Potter to the side roughly. Snape knelt on the other side of Emily, and started saying an incantation, waving his wand around her wounds. Malfoy watched with baited breath as her wounds slowly healed, showing only a small scar.

“Take her to the Hospital Wing immediately.” Snape told Malfoy. “If quick enough, she won't get any serious injury, and might be able to remove the scar.” Malfoy left with Emily before you could say 'Expelliarmus'.


* * *


Emily slowly opened her eyes to be met with darkness. She squinted her eyes worried and confused, only to see it was simply midnight, the moon shining brightly through the window, a full moon. Emily wondered where she was, when her memories came back. Talking to Malfoy, making a small friendship, suddenly being pushed to the side – a duel. . .she had jumped in front of Malfoy, and was instantly met with pain and the look of horror on Malfoy's face. What happened to Malfoy? What happened after she got hit by that spell?

The sound of a small snore could be heard from her side. Emily turned her head to the noise with a frown, only to soften when she saw Malfoy sitting in a chair, sleeping. She then realised that his hand was in hers. A bad boy, eh? Emily scoffed quietly with a small smile. Yeah right.

Emily had to disagree with everyone. To her, Malfoy wasn't a bad boy. He was simply a boy that kept to himself and didn't want people to get too close to him. To her, she thinks he's just a boy seeking true friends, but is unable to – someone who understood him. Emily decided to change that. She decided to befriend him and gain his loyalty and trust. She was going to befriend the bad boy, like she should have done in First Year, Griffindor or not, she was going to stick to the 'bad boy’s side like he did to her while she was unconscious just moments ago.


* * *


19 years later. . .

"Scorpius, what's wrong?" the eleven-year-old boy tore his eyes away from the train and glanced at his mother with a frown.

"What if I don't get into Slytherin?" he asked her. "What if I go into Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, or Griffindor instead?"

Emily smiled down at her son and planted a loving kiss on his forehead. "Are you worried about your father's reaction if you don't get in Slytherin?" she mused. Scorpius' silence was her answer. "Aw, darling." she cooed, bringing him into a hug. Suddenly a shadow loomed over the two. They both looked up and saw Draco Malfoy staring at them with a small loving smile.

"Scorp," Malfoy knelt down to his son's height and fixed his collar absentmindedly, "I won't be mad if you don't go into Slytherin."

"You won't?" Scorpius asked in a small voice. Malfoy shook his head with a small smile.

"No, I won't." he confirmed. Scorpius furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"But you always say how good of a house it is -" Emily cleared her throat loudly, and gave her boys a look.

"You know your mother was in Griffindor, right?" Malfoy told his son. "And you know the story I told you about how these two students brought on a treaty to the two houses?"

"Yeah." Scorpius nodded. "The boy was in Slytherin, and the girl was in Griffindor. They loved each other and didn't let their houses stop them from loving each other."

"That was us." Malfoy told him softly.

Emily had kept to her vow, and stayed by his side, befriending him. At first, Malfoy was concerned for his reputation when he had realised something while they were secretly studying together. He noticed small things about her. Like the way she would smile shyly at a compliment, how she would bite her bottom lip when deep in thought, or the way her laugh sounded so chime bell-like. He realised he had loved her. And since he realised it, he didn't care about anyone's opinion; he wanted to be with her. And so they did, which caused some havoc for a while - especially when they found out he was a Death Eater (Emily still loved him despite that flaw), until both the houses realised how much they loved each other when they were in battle. When Malfoy was called to join the dark side, Emily had refused. She had put up quite a fight. It wasn't until Voldemort tried to give he the Crucio curse, did they see how much they loved each other. The school watched as Malfoy had jumped in front of Emily, taking the pain. People gained respect for him and their relationship after that.

"That was you two?" Scorpius' eyes widened. The two parents smiled at their son. "Wow! You guys are legends then!" Which was true, they created history - the two houses finally putting a treaty on all because of them two.

"So no matter what house you are in," Malfoy told his son, "just know, that you are the son of two people who created history on Griffindor and Slytherin. And be proud at what house you are in."

"We love you." Emily added.

"Come on," Malfoy said, standing to his full height, wrapping an arm around Emily's waist, "it's time for you to get on the train."


* * *


During their conversation, the Golden Trio happened to be standing near them, and heard the talk. "Malfoy has changed a lot, hasn't he." commented Ron Weasley.

"Yes," Harry Potter agreed, "it's quite nice, really."

"All because of Emily." Hermione stated, smiling towards her quiet friend proudly.

"She tamed the 'bad boy'." Ginny Weasley (now Potter) joked. They all laughed, before saying their farewells to their children.

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