By The Willow Shade

A summoning gone surprisingly right leads a wayward god and a teenage girl down a road neither imagined they would walk, sparking an unlikely apprenticeship and an even unlikelier friendship. But can either survive when faced with the scrutiny and interference of misunderstanding minds?


1. Prologue

    The lights were dimmed, the incense was burning, the circle was drawn and cast, and the candle was lit. Before it sat a young girl in her mid-teens; her five foot, curvaceous, almost-luminescent pale frame dressed in a dark green flowy blouse and black cotton pants, her near-white blonde hair was swept off her delicate face and flowed down her back to her hips in a loose braid. Eyes closed, she muttered the words to a summoning, brow furrowed slightly in concentration as she sounded out the syllables to an ancient language she could just barely pronounce. The air in the room began to grow heavy with static, until with a slight crackle a bright light flashed on the spot before the girl, causing her to stop her casting and shield her still-closed eyes behind her hands with a slight yelp.

When the light faded the girl dared to peek out a light violet eye from between her fingers. Before her stood a tall pale man dressed in black leather, green and gold, with black hair reaching his shoulders and piercing bright green eyes that looked about him in confusion until they landed on her and he frowned slightly.


    The girl dropped her hands away from her face and in shock blurted out, “Holy crap; it actually worked!”


    “You? You summoned me?” The man asked; a mixture of surprise and annoyance clear in his voice and expression.


    “What’s that supposed to mean?” The girl countered, clearly insulted.


    “I’ve been summoned by a child. How much further can I possibly fall?” The man muttered to himself frustratedly then turned back to the girl and crossed his arms over his chest. “Do you even realise what it is you have done?”


    “Ehh... more or less...” The girl replied somewhat sheepishly, an embarrassed blush spreading on her cheeks as she averted his gaze.


    The man closed his eyes and buried his face in his hand with a deep sigh then looked back up at the girl. “Do you know who I am, girl?”


    “... Not... really; no.” The girl replied, ducking her head slightly in embarrassment.


    “I am Loki, of Asgard.” The man declared, drawing himself up to his considerable full height and looking down at her. The girl’s eyes widened in shock and realisation and he smirked. “I see you’ve heard of me.”


    “The Norse god of Mischief? Yeah, a little bit.” The girl squeaked in reply, standing up a bit unsteadily as her legs had begun to fall asleep.


    “And you are?” Loki asked, seeming pleased by both the recognition and the reaction to it.


    “W-Willow.” The girl stammered, then cleared her throat slightly and spoke a little more clearly. “Willow Stranton.”


    “Well then, Willow Stranton; what would you ask of me?” Loki asked, tilting his head to the side a bit and looking at her expectantly.


    “What?” Willow asked, bewildered.


    “You summoned me; you must want something.” Loki reasoned, raising an eyebrow.


    “Right. That. Umm... Thing is; I didn’t really think the spell would actually work.” Willow said hesitantly, her blush deepening. “I hoped it would, of course, but, well...”


    “I see. I would suggest that you think of something, then, and be quick about it; I do have things to do.” Loki said, frowning. Willow bit her bottom lip, hesitating, and Loki sighed. “Come now, it’s not so difficult. What do you want most of all? There must be something.” He snapped.


    “Knowledge!” Willow blurted out.

Loki blinked at her in surprise then laughed, earning a rather hurt look. He calmed himself and gave an almost apologetic look that he hoped conveyed that he hadn’t laughed at her.


    “A curious choice for one so young, but I suppose it can be arranged.” Loki replied amusedly. “Anything in particular you wish to know about?”


    Willow ducked her head a bit again and spoke in a half-whisper. “Magick.”



    At that, a wide grin slowly spread on Loki’s face. “Now that I can do.”

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