eyeless jack love story

eyeless jack went to a party with jeff the killer, ben drowned, and laughing jack while they were killing everyone at the party they left one girl and her name was desi mortez , will one of them get the girl or have to fight each other to get her

find out for more........


6. we can't

desi's p.o.v.

ej drove me home, this time he didn't come into the house. he just left me without even saying goodbye. now, i'm all alone. i went up to my bedroom and got into some comfy pajamas. after putting on something, i went downstairs to get a snack. i heated up some popcorn and put on finding nemo, once i plopped on the couch, the door bell ring. i open the door, jeff and lj were here.

d: what are you guys doing here

lj: can't we go in

j: *stares at desi's lips*

lj: come on jeffy

j: i said never to call me that

d: yeah, come on jeffy

j: don't you dare desi

d: *sticks tongue out*

lj: what are you watching

d: *sits on the couch* finding nemo

j: move out the way bitches, i love this movie

lj&d: *giggles*

j: don't judge me

d: sorry, the way you said it though

after watching finding nemo, we were watching the nightmare on elm street the first one. lj was cool with it but, jeff was so confused by it and he made all of the popcorn fall on the floor cause there was a jump scare scene.

d: why are you so scared of freddy

d: jeff!!!

j: sorry, he's hella scary and why is his skin like that

d: like what......

j: idk......burned

d: i'll tell you later

~skips to the end of the night~

lj left a while ago, and it was just me and jeff. we were sitting on the couch doing nothing, and then we started to talk.

d: so.......what do you want to do

j: idk it's your house 

d: well, your the guest

d: do you want some food

j: idk, it's your food

d: jeff!!!

j: what.....

d: stop asking dumb questions

j: can i ask you one more dumb questioon

d: what is it

j: can i kiss you

d: ummm.......

j: i'm taking that as a yes

j: *kisses desi*

d: *get's out of jeff's grip* no jeff, we can't

j: *push desi against my chest*

j: *lays desi down on the couch*

d: *kisses jeff*

j: *takes off jacket* 

d: nice abs

j: are you talking about abs or ass

d: *laughs*

j: *kisses back desi*

j: *picks up desi and walk upstairs*

j: *lays desi on her bed*

d: *get's on top of jeff's laps*

j: mmm desi

j: *rolls over and gets on top of desi*

d: jeff

j: do you want me to go farther or

d: no, just keep on kissing me

d: *phone vibrates*

j: shit

d: *checks caller id*

j: is it him, ej

d: yes, it's him

~on desi's phone~

d: hi ej

ej: hey, desi

ej: what are you doing 

d: nothing, i just finish watching finding nemo with jeff and lj

ej: did jeff cried at the end of the movie

d: *looks at jeff* yes he did and he flip over the bowl of popcorn

ej: *laughs*

ej: can i come over a little bit later

d: sure 

ej: ok, bye desi

d: bye 

~end of call~

j: now, where were we

d: i think i know

j: come here

d: *kisses jeff*

j: *moans*

j: *phone rings*

d: fucking shit

j: *groans*

~on jeff's phone~

j: hello

b: hey! dude, you have to come over here

j: where 

b: you know where, slendy's mansion

j: oh, why???

b: somethings going on with sally and jane

j: are they fighting again

b: yes

j: alright, i'll be there

~end of jeff's call~

d: who was that

j: ben

d: oh ok

d: *hugs behind jeff*

j: you can't get your hands off me, can't you

d:not really

j: i know i feel the same way about you

j: i got to go

d: ok, *gives jeff a goodbye kiss*

j: don't worry you'll see me and my abs again

d: *giggles* ok, bye jeffy

j: ok, only you can all me that

d: yay! *jumps up and down while clapping*



















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