eyeless jack love story

eyeless jack went to a party with jeff the killer, ben drowned, and laughing jack while they were killing everyone at the party they left one girl and her name was desi mortez , will one of them get the girl or have to fight each other to get her

find out for more........


10. sweet dreams are made of screams


desi's p.o.v.

i woke up to the sound of jeff snoring he's so cute. i can't believe jeff and i had our first time and he's my boyfriend now. i'm still mad about what happen between me and ej, in fact we were never dating so screw him. i went to my bathroom and turn on the shower and hop in. i step out of the shower and went to my closet. i'm picking out some high-waisted black shorts, all time low crop-top and black van.

j: morning

d: hey

j: *kisses desi's forehead*

j: ready to kill someone today

d: that's why i'm dressing, and i have someone on mind btw

j: ok cool, let me get dress first

d: ok

jeff got dress and we got our knifes and head outside. the first house we're going to is britney's. britney is the head cheerleader at middle school and our high school. she is such a slut and fake bitch. i hate her so much. she used me like her little barbie dolls, and she kick me out of the cheerleading team, yes i was a cheerleader. she kick me out cause i was better than her and she started rumors that i was a whore and fucked all of the football team, i only dated two from the team. enough about that bitch, let's go hear her scream. jeff and i climbe up her fence in the backyard, and i see that bitch trying to suntan. i sneak up behinde her and put a rag in her mouth and jeff knocked her out. a few moments passed, britney woke up and she knew who i was.

b: desi, is that you

d: why does everybody say that, of course it's me. i have purple hair

b: what happen to you

d: i had a makeover bitch

j: she talk to much

b: please don't, i'm sorry for kicking out the team and spreading those rumors

d: *bends down to britney* you already had your chance, FOR THIRTEEN GOD DAMN YEARS!!!

b: please i'll make it up to you

d: the only way you're going to make it up for me is by killing your slutty damn ass bitchy fucking soul

j: i'm bored, let's just kill her

d: gladly jeff

b: noooooo *screams*

j: go to sleep bitch *laughs*

d: sweet dreams are made of screams brit *laughs*

next, the house we are going is my sex ed teacher. the reason why we'er going to my sex ed teacher because he rape me and the bastard wasn't arrested. he been harrasing me since 7th grade, i never wanted to be in his class because of that and the rumors were true about him. that fucking pervert. we enter the front door of his house and saw Mr. krutch my sex ed teacher sleeping on the sofa. i gag him and knocked him out. he woke up and notice me. he didn't say anything cause he was shocked and still gag. i pulled out his eyes from his sockets and jeff carve a smile on him. after a long day of killing my victims, jeff and i went home. while i was taking a shower, i felt bloody hands on me and some one push my back against the cold shower wall, jeff was taking a shower with me.

j: i love that body of yours

j: *kisses desi*

d: *kisses jeff back*

j: *picks up desi*

d: jeff

j: mmm desi

no one's p.o.v.

after jeff and desi had it again in the shower this time, they were snuggling on desi's bed watching home alone and falling asleep in each others arms.

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