eyeless jack love story

eyeless jack went to a party with jeff the killer, ben drowned, and laughing jack while they were killing everyone at the party they left one girl and her name was desi mortez , will one of them get the girl or have to fight each other to get her

find out for more........


11. my next victim

desi's p.o.v.

It was saturday and today i'm going to my next victim's house. I got up from my bed and went to my bathroom and turn on the shower, i jump in the shower and wash my hair and body. after my shower, i went to my closet to pick an outfit, i wore black rip jeans, white crop-top that said, "kill me or i'll bite you" and i slip on some black converse and started to do my hair and makeup. i finish flat ironing my hair and went downstairs to wake up jeff. I woke him up and he started to take his shower and got dress. after, he was ready, we went to the next victim's house which was iscac my other ex who had dump me for that bitch britney. good thing i killed her first and i never did like her in the first place. jeff and i open his living room window and jump inside his house, iscac wasn't in the living room nor his kitchen but, i finally found him in his room sleeping. I turn off the lights and close the curtains so it can be dark, i covered his mouth and jeff knocked him out. jeff and i carried him downstairs and tied iscac to his kitchen chair. Iscac woke up moments later and he saw what i was.

I: desi, untied me now

D: now why would i do that 

I: why are you doing this to me

D: because you treated me like fucking trash and you dump me with a slut

I: i didn't know what i was thinking

D: of course you didn't, you were just a fucking retarded womanizer

J: *laughs* good one desi

D: thank you

D: now where should we start

J: how about you can cut his throat and i can carve a smile

D: ok, carve a smile on him first and i can rip out his tounge also slit his throat open

J: perfect


D: sweet dreams are made of screams asshole

desi's p.o.v.

the next house was britney's sister, angelica. she was just like her sister a stupid fucking bitchy ass whore. I sneak around her house to her backyard and i saw her through her window making out with her shitty ass boyfriend zack. i remember him because i had 3,4, and 6 period with him and he was trying to kiss on me when i did had a boyfriend. I open the window quietly and jump inside, since zack is here i can kill angelica and jeff can kill zack. Also zack and jeff knew each other back then. We gag both of them and tied them up, they both wake up and i was right behind angelica and i choke her to death and gouge her eyes , jeff carve a smile on zack and stab him in the stomach. We were both happy and proud of our work. jeff and i went back home and i started to take my top off in front of jeff fa fa. Ok i got to admit that was pretty funny. jeff notice me taking my top off and he wrap his arms around my waist.

J: *whispers in desi's ear* can you please stop taking your top off in front of me

D: why, you do that all the time

J: *touches desi's arms to waist*

D: please stop jeff

J: if i stop will you stop taking off your top in front of me

D: kiss me and i will

J: fuck desi

J: *kisses desi's neck*

D: jeff fa fa

J: what did you call me

D: nothing, i like trains

J: your weird

D: i know

J: *kisses back desi*


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