eyeless jack love story

eyeless jack went to a party with jeff the killer, ben drowned, and laughing jack while they were killing everyone at the party they left one girl and her name was desi mortez , will one of them get the girl or have to fight each other to get her

find out for more........


8. don't leave


desi's p.o.v.

i woke up to my alarm, and head to my bathroom to take a shower. i did my makeup and curled my hair. the outfit i wore was black skinny jeans, mint green crop-top, a black vest and black converse. i head to the living room and saw jeff sleeping on the couch shirtless. i didn't feel like waking him up so, i left the house quietly. i met ej in front of the school and i hug him.

ej: hey

desi: hey

ej: i have to go

desi: the bell hasn't rung yet

ej:that's not what i meant

desi: what are you trying to say

ej: i'm leaving

desi: why

ej: i'm going away for a while

desi: what for ej

ej: *kisses desi's forehead*

desi: please don't leave me

ej: bye desi

ej just left me for no reason, maybe jeff is right about him. instead of going to school, i just went home crying. i enter my house and head to my room. i was crying on my pillow, wondering when ej will come back to me. suddenly i heard the door open, it was jeff.

j: what happen

d: he left me, ej

j: come here

d: *hugs jeff*

d: he wouldn't even tell me

d: you were right, he just leaves girls without a reason

j: sometimes he has a reason

j: he either needs time or he just doesn't want to be around you

d: doesn't he want to be around me, we always hang out

j: or something more extreme

d: like what

j: did he ask you out

d: no

j: maybe, he's going to make you like him so you two can date

j: that's what happen to his last girl, then she died because she wasn't the right one for him

d: oh

j: it's all right, you're safe with me

desi's p.o.v.

it's been two months and ej hasn't came back yet, on the other hand, jeff is taking care of me, i felt so lonely in my bed room. i tried to call ej but, he would not answer back. where is he? could he forgot me already? suddenly i was startled by the ringing of my phone, i check who's calling and it was ej.

d: i miss you so much

ej: come outside with me

d: where have you been

ej: get your ass outside now

d: hi *hugs ej*

ej: get in the car

d: what? why?

ej: just get in

d: *gets in the car*

d: where are we heading to

ej: somewhere, can you be quiet for my minute or two

eyeless jack's p.o.v.

"get in the car," i said. desi got in the car and i drove her to an abandoned house so i can finish my ritual. i need to stay alive, the only way i can do that is to make desi like me. we arrive at the house, and one of my "friends" knocked her out. i carried her inside and lay her down in the center of this star symbol. i started to chant, desi started to float in the air, and then her skin started to turn grey, and her fingernails started to grow longer. the ritual was done after 3 minutes, i tried to wake up desi but, she just lay there. it didn't work, god damn it! i just by the door and i heard screaming, i rushed to the room i was in and saw desi looking at her self in the mirror.

d: *screams*

ej: yes it worked! i can still live

d: w-what have you d-done to me

ej: i didn't want to tell you, but i knew you'll found out sooner or later

ej: now, we can be with each other

d: *slaps ej* jeff was right

ej: so, you talk to jeff about this 

d: yes i did, you were gone for two months

ej: i was setting the ritual up, and have you come over he.......

d: to take my life away, i wish i could kill you right now

d: i actually thought you loved me, i was so dead wrong

ej:i do, i just had no choice

d: whatever, screw you asshole

ej: *pulls desi's arm*

ej: *kisses deis*

d: jack.....*kisses back ej*

~skips to night time~

ej: wow..... that was great

d: it was

ej: are you still mad at me

d: maybe just a little

ej: ok

ej: let's get you home

d: i don't want jeff to see mr like this, can i go to your house

ej: i'm to busy actually *scratches back of head*

d: oh ok, then take me home

~ back at desi's house ~

desi's p.o.v.

i open the door to see all of the lights off, then suddenly one light came on. i saw jeff on a chair and to my surprise he was shocked and a bit furious.

j: what happen to you, was it ej

d: yes it was him but, i kind of like what i look now

j: no, i have to change you back

d: jeff please, let us get use to what i am and if i don't like i'l tell ej to turn me back

j: ok, fine with me and by the way.......

d: what.....

j: i'm kind of use to you  like this a bit

d: oh, you do

j: come and kiss me

d: *kisses jeff* 

j: desi, do you want to date me

d: i'll think of it

j: Ok

j: *kisses back desi*

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