eyeless jack love story

eyeless jack went to a party with jeff the killer, ben drowned, and laughing jack while they were killing everyone at the party they left one girl and her name was desi mortez , will one of them get the girl or have to fight each other to get her

find out for more........


3. be with me

eyeless jack's p.o.v.

it was night time so i took desi home, when i open her front door and lay her on her bed she was saying something to me.

d: stay with

ej: i can't

d: be with me, plzzz

ej: fine

so i guess i'm staying at desi's house tonight. i rub her head while she goes to sleep slowly. i think it was the middle of the night and i heard something from the living room, i went to the living room to find jeff and laughing jack.

ej: what are you guys doing here

j: where is she

ej: in her room, why

j: i want her

lj: no i want her

ej: guys! stop, she will choose which one of us she wants to be with

d: what's going on *rubs eyes*

ej: *kisses desi*

ej: *gives jeff and lj a death stare*

j: well, we're going to get going, nice to see you again desi

ej: *stops kissing desi*

d: what was that for, do you have feelings for me

ej: no, i mean......

d: *kisses ej's lips again* it's ok i like you too

ej: *blushes*


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