Wonder land Poems

I wrote some poems when I was bored in school about Wonder Land since where reading the book XD Hope you guys like them!!!


13. Mad little World

You say that you love me and things will get better

But did you ever wonder what goes on inside my head

Its a mad little world and yes I'm the ruler

I'm losing my self because I have nothing left to lose

Every one has such high exceptions for me to reach that I feel like I'm drowning and Ive meet my defeat

I know I'm not good and that I'll never be

I keep trying and trying to reach them you  see

But their always just their hanging out of reach

I don't know who I am

Will I ever be enough or I will just stop exciting in the end

All my hard work that It was worth will all just come tumbling down In the end

After all this is a Mad little World

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