Wonder land Poems

I wrote some poems when I was bored in school about Wonder Land since where reading the book XD Hope you guys like them!!!


12. Between your self and Me

They told me you had been to her

And mentioned me to him:

She gave me a good character

 But said I could not swim


He sent them word I had to gone

(We know it to be true):

If she should push the matter on

What would  become of you?


I gave her one, they gave him two

You gave us three of more

They all returned from him to you

Though they were mine before


If I or she should chance to be

Involved in this affair

He trusts to you to set them free

Exactly as we were


My notion was that you had been

(Before she had this fit)

An obstacle that came between

Him, and ourselves, and it


Don't let him know she liked them best

For this must ever be

A secret kept from all the rest

Between yourself and me

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