White Coven

What happens when you an orphan of your family and don't know it? What if your adopted parents are the ones that made you an orphan? What if you are more powerful, than you realize? What if the fate of the world depends on who you side with? What if you are the last of the White Coven?


1. Prologue

    Hello my name is Gladolilia, where this story begins, I am of the age of nine years old, I have long blond hair, and I am just like any other girl, until you meet my family then you would know that I am different. I am different in this modern world of the 20th century. My kind have been long dead, and considered myth for the last four centuries, but before I go into that. Back to the description of me, as I get older, I am normal, I tend to put more make up on then I need to, and I don’t think I am pretty when I look at myself in the mirror. My family embarrasses me, like all and I don’t make friends very easily, because my father tends to scare them off. You need to know my story, my family back in 1600's was murdered for people finding out what my family is. We are witches and wizards, we are the Aemendrith Coven, the White Coven, the coven of good Witches and wizards, who battle the ones that fall into the darkness of being power hungry. We was originally blamed for the bewitching of a village back in the 1600’s, which then started the Salem Witch Trails, but luckly a couple, from my family escaped.  My name is Gladolilia Creiso Aemendrith, I am the last surviving member of the Original White Coven.


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