Poem for Poetry Competition #3


1. Loneliness

I’m not lonely by its definition, that’s a fact,

But I’m lonely in a wholly new way that consumes,

I’m terribly lonely, no matter the fucking act,

And naught will cease the ever-growing cold and toxic fumes,


My heart grows ever closer,

As the leaves lose their colour,

And the young trees grow older,

My nostrils fill with a putrid odour,


Shivers run down my spine periodically,

The numbing cold filling my mind,

The realisation that I’m lonely comes quickly,

My mind rushes ahead,my body is left behind,


Suddenly everything isn’t as simple as it once was,

We all grow old and with that comes the cold,

I wish for the end, I’m so unprepared because,

Of this terrible cold numbness of which I was never told.

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