Tokyo Ghoul - Frenchman

When Europe found a way to do that ghouls constantly was in ghoulmode so they had lack of energy and needed food all the time did many ghouls runaway. Many ghouls have found their way to Tokyo and many of these are in a ghoul gang called Runaway Fire. Not enough with most CCG members in Tokyo are trying to fight Aogiri Tree does they also have Runaway Fire to beat. Lily Johnson a halfghoul from Europe, left by her mom on her dad's doorstep many years ago, and her bigbrother Hans there is fullblood ghoul both have fled with their uncle Rewynna to Tokyo and Hans and Rewynna both swore to work for Runaway Fire for escape Europe while Lily were young. Now she is young adult and work as a CCG rank 3 in secret at day and at night do the job of a ghoul as her sick brother should do. But she need to choose. Do she wanna be a human and kill all ghouls in Tokyo, or do she wanna be a ghoul and fight with Runaway Fire and Aogiri Tree against humanity? The time is to choose. Rescue friends or famil


1. Author's words

Hello, I'm not the typically author you see for fanfiction


My taste of fanfiction is very different. I don't like distrubtance and change of the mainstory and characters from the original part. For that do I always write my fanfiction as a drivealong story. This does I need to do much more research than most people - not saying other people don't do research - but every single detail about the original history in my taste must not be distrubted. 


For that have I created my own characters - ex. Licia Johnson.

I also have my own Teories - ex. why Amon got to be an orphan and suchs. 

Also I'm sorry for Kaolo doesn't have same skincolor on all drawings. 

I first noticed the fail in his skincolor after a few drawings...

Though I write for you to enjoy this story. 

This story also gets uploaded on wattpad under the user Onayalily.

Enjoy every momento~


(Also the cover is drawn by me as well as the drawings there will show up underway in the story ;D)

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