Tokyo Ghoul - Frenchman

When Europe found a way to do that ghouls constantly was in ghoulmode so they had lack of energy and needed food all the time did many ghouls runaway. Many ghouls have found their way to Tokyo and many of these are in a ghoul gang called Runaway Fire. Not enough with most CCG members in Tokyo are trying to fight Aogiri Tree does they also have Runaway Fire to beat. Lily Johnson a halfghoul from Europe, left by her mom on her dad's doorstep many years ago, and her bigbrother Hans there is fullblood ghoul both have fled with their uncle Rewynna to Tokyo and Hans and Rewynna both swore to work for Runaway Fire for escape Europe while Lily were young. Now she is young adult and work as a CCG rank 3 in secret at day and at night do the job of a ghoul as her sick brother should do. But she need to choose. Do she wanna be a human and kill all ghouls in Tokyo, or do she wanna be a ghoul and fight with Runaway Fire and Aogiri Tree against humanity? The time is to choose. Rescue friends or famil


4. 3.

The following morning was there a lot of talking, even in the 20th ward. Everyone knew to Mado. He had crossed wards a few times just for hunt down the different ghouls instead of telling the other wards and let the wards’ investigators to go and hunt the ghoul down instead, but Mado isn’t here anymore. Mado is dead. He died yesterday. The rabbit killed him. Kaolo seems upset what is weird for a guy who hate Mado.

“Kaolo, where is your weapon?” I ask. I noticed that Kaolo’s suitcase is gone. His weapon is gone. I have been looking around in the office all morning but it isn’t there.

“I gave it away,” he gave his weapon away? That what new. What weapon will he get instead? But who haves his weapon now?

“I said to the 20th ward that they should say my weapon belonged to Mado before they would give it to Koutarou…” He blushes a bit and I look extra focused on him from the other end of the desk. Why would he even give his weapon to Amon and where from does he know that Amon’s weapon is broken?

“Why did you do that?” I ask and continue writing and fill out the forms and reports for yesterday’s action. What meant – filling out the report and forms with the new information while Kaolo looks for other small cases there could lead us to our big case. To find the white wolf.

“Because Amon Koutarou… is family…” I was ready to spit my coke out over whole the table as Kaolo said that. I had only just taken a mouthful coke and was already spitting it out in chock over the information. Kaolo have never told me that Amon Koutarou was family and how even? Why even?

“It’s not something I go and tell everybody… but we are twins separated by birth because our parents couldn’t get along. Eventually did our mother get killed by a ghoul and Amon disappeared. He wears the last name of our mother while I wear the last name of our father…” I look at Kaolo and look at him for some time. I had noticed long ago he was just as tall as Amon and had same hair and skin color, if not even same eye color and yet I really couldn’t believe this information that he told me. They didn’t act same way, they didn’t dress same way, they really didn’t have total same face shape either.

“Lily, stop making that face. People can be twins without looking identical… You should know stuff like that!” Kaolo seems both angry but also very embarrassed. I know he once have told me he had a twin somewhere in the world but that it was going to be Amon was for me a surprise. When did he find out of that even?

“But next time, don’t get me to choke on my coke. I prefer not to die because of coke. I prefer to die by the hands of a Ghoul if I finally should die,” Kaolo nodded and we continued our work at the office as usually. The music played in the background, I really didn’t care out over I kept hearing the same lines like it was a song on repeat.

A jet stream shoots across the sky
"It's just so bright" we stare wide eyed
What did your face look like back then?
I don't know why, but I can't see it at all

I heard the four lines. Again and again. Driving in my head. I had known that song for long long time. No matter how other noise came out of the radio was it like that one song did stick to my mind.

“She have been active again tonight. It’s funny. Mado dies but got killed by The Rabbit and then The White Wolf also have been active and a lot of ghouls was actually active. They were close catching The Panda last night… before The White Wolf rescued him…” Kaolo is just saying out loud what he has read and I look at him. I’m were else finally done writing for the last week of attention against or case with The White Wolf. But nope. Of cause is there more information.

“What is there about The White Wolf? Also it doesn’t look like her to go and help other ghouls so why would she help The Panda?” I say and turn around to sit with my front against Kaolo. Kaolo looks at me – no he stares mad at me and sit with his front against me. We just sit and stare mad at each other for a while. It happens that he is testing my loyalty of at random times. He has always done that.

“Let’s see. She doesn’t usually help ghouls… maybe that ghoul was family? Like a brother or a father? It could even be a cousin but they must be close. It has been proven that she once before have killed a friend ghoul so it can only be family or she would just have let him get taken…” surely that Kaolo’s words was true. It could only be family. Someone close to The White Wolf. Someone who had helped her. She wouldn’t go and help friends. She has been seen a ton of times talking with other ghouls who have called her a friend who have done betrayal and some of those we caught alive have been saying the exactly same thing. It can only be family. The Panda can only be family.

“So, what if we catch The Panda on his next hunt? Maybe we can like drag The White Wolf to us?” I say and smile and Kaolo’s eyes shows a joy. The thought of having The White Wolf dead is a pleasure to him. Well we are actually only supposed to catch her unless troubles then we have the right to kill her. She holds the key to find the SSS-ranked ghoul The Frenchman. The gang leader of Runaway Fire. Yes, she knows where he is hiding. Every other ghoul from Runaway Fire say she is closest to The Frenchman.

“That isn’t a bad plan actually!” He shines up in joy and goes back to his work. I stand up and take my suitcase. It is lunchtime and I must go and get some lunch for us. Kaolo is busy enough as my leader to take care of the major. Most of my job is to take care of the minor as reports and write all information down – and get us lunch and also dinner for the long days.

I walk out of the room and only wave goodbye to the busy Kaolo before I walk down the hallway and greet a few investigators on my way. By now could I have been much higher rank than any of these investigators. I could have been a special investigator. Several of times have the main office in 1st ward wanted to promote me and each time I decline the promotion. They really do not understand why but who would care in the end? As long as I’m killing and catching ghouls am I doing my job and we work with the smaller cases to the big cases that the special investigators have so again – I’m happy for just be in rank 3.

It’s funny to think over how I became rank 3. I was still at the academy when I was walking home one night – of cause hoping on coming home without getting attacked by some ghouls – when I bumped into two investigators there fought against one single ghoul in A rank, but the ghoul moved easily. Not hurting them a lot but it was fast in its reactions and nearly impossible to hit for the two investigators. On the other side had it injured them enough to get the investigators to fall.

I remember that one of the weapons was standing in the ground. The ghoul had hit the hand on one of the investigators. I had just pulled the big flat weapon up of the ground and was attacking. Just like that. I was fast and had nearly same reaction time as the ghoul if not a better reaction time. In the end I ended up killing the ghoul with a cut through the heart. The only way to kill a ghoul is to let its heart stop.


I walk down of the street. Here are many people. Generally, are there always many people on the street here in Tokyo. Where back in Europe, in the town I was from, was there many times where streets were empty. People was hiding inside. I guess they were scared. There could be ghouls out there. My father had a night work so he was never home at night, but when he came home in the morning, had he always fresh baked bread with him and his smile and joy when I ran over to hug him good day.

I look up and whip my tears away with my right hand. I can’t cry on the street. I must not cry on the street, so I continue walking, trying to forget my thoughts of the past. The sandwich plaza is right around the corner and there is a bunch of people in there. I wait patiently. Watching an anime on the TV. I know the anime. I have seen it before. Only reason to I watched it was for the guy in it. The story and the plot goes a bit low and could have been done better – unlucky isn’t that how it works.

Time goes and finally I can order two sandwiches. Short time goes at the desk before I get my sandwiches and can return to the [CCG] office here in 8th ward. It’s an okay calm day. I haven’t seen any ghouls there obviously hunt in the middle of the day only to spread fear into the humans we are. I look up at a roof and someone is standing up on the roof on a building across the street. There is ninety percent chance of it’s a ghoul and yet I won’t try to yell at it or attack it. It will only spread fear and if it finally should do harm, then I will fully take the responsibility for let it walk around.

I come to the office pretty fast and again I just greet everyone on my way. The other workers are used to my European manners and I have already discussed with most of the workers here that no matter how many times they just want me to walk by them and maybe wave and smile I won’t do it. I always say hello. It’s clean manners. It’s a knowledge of another human exist that you actually talk to them. Say thanks and hello.

I come back to Kaolo and go over to hit him lightly on his head with his sandwich. He grabs it with his hand because I continue hitting him lightly with the sandwich.

“At least you don’t use my head as a drum while hitting me with pocky packages,” he says and laughs. I laugh a bit too and then sit down. It’s a nice and calm day today. Just another nice and calm office day…

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