Tokyo Ghoul - Frenchman

When Europe found a way to do that ghouls constantly was in ghoulmode so they had lack of energy and needed food all the time did many ghouls runaway. Many ghouls have found their way to Tokyo and many of these are in a ghoul gang called Runaway Fire. Not enough with most CCG members in Tokyo are trying to fight Aogiri Tree does they also have Runaway Fire to beat. Lily Johnson a halfghoul from Europe, left by her mom on her dad's doorstep many years ago, and her bigbrother Hans there is fullblood ghoul both have fled with their uncle Rewynna to Tokyo and Hans and Rewynna both swore to work for Runaway Fire for escape Europe while Lily were young. Now she is young adult and work as a CCG rank 3 in secret at day and at night do the job of a ghoul as her sick brother should do. But she need to choose. Do she wanna be a human and kill all ghouls in Tokyo, or do she wanna be a ghoul and fight with Runaway Fire and Aogiri Tree against humanity? The time is to choose. Rescue friends or famil


3. 2.

The feeling of the room was gloomy but dominated of pure evil who sat on his little thrown in the end of the dining table. The family on four sat at the table, all staring at the blond haired guy in the end. The little seven-year-old was scared after a long travel and this guy didn’t do it easier for her to be okay after fleeing into another country. From rest of the table was she only a half blood. All at this table was eating humans but none ate what was on their plates. None. They were to scared. They sat over for a too strong opponent. They had sworn their lives for being able to flee to another place. Their home country in Europe was under full power from the European CCG – or well what worked same way with ghoul investigators. The European CCG had found the most terrible way to reveal ghouls. A sickness there only reacted on ghouls. Constant ghoul mode. That was what the sickness did and her big brother had it. He sat at the table. Hungry and tired and yet he didn’t eat. The man who had helped them was trying their patience of. He was testing them. If they began eating would the man kill them? He kept having a mask on. A mask with the face of a French clown. It was scary.  A man sitting there all alone for the end of the table. The girl’s father didn’t pay big attention. He wasn’t scared.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll go hunting in the city,” the father said and stood up only for walk away from the table. None had known at that table that the father would go missing. None knew where he was but thanks to his disappearing was his own sick son forced into work for the gang Runaway Fire, the gang that the blond haired man was boss over. Unlucky the big brother was unable to work after some time. He was driven too far out. He was lucky he even had lived so long without starving to death or fall asleep in forever time. The girl began secretly to work in her brother’s place at night and at day did she attend human school. Learning to go to school between humans. Controlling her hunger. Not that she ever had eaten any human before. She was special. She could survive on human food. She was a half-blood who could survive on human food.


"What are you doing here, wolf?" an c-ranked male ghoul in the age of 36 stands and look at me. At my white hoodie with the wolf ears. My white wolf mask that Uta has been making special for me and my long silver like hair. Some of my hair cover down over the mask in the right side so it's not available to see my right eye. I'm the white wolf.  The ghoul hunting girl.
"Can't you figure that out, Nakasa? You have killed to many humans and have attracted the [CCG] to this area. We can't allow them to find the Frenchman," I laughing a bit before I made my Kagune appear. My bikaku kagune to be exactly. It is a floating kagune in front of it is a bikaku. It is like a wolf's tail. It can be hard and used as a sword or a shield but on same way can I shot fragments of my kagune on other people. My job is to kill ghouls who attracts to much attention from the [CCG] if the [CCG] finds them are this area a closed place and they wouldn’t like that. That would do it harder for they can win over Aogiri Tree in the end. If the [CCG] wipe out too many of the strong ghouls on the top who would they be then?
"I-I-Impossible! Your kagune can't be working like that! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" The man yell before his kagune is out. He has a sword type kagune. A koukaku. He can't beat me.  Even if he could – he is still only a C ranked ghoul. A piece of trash that you can go and dumb when you will.
The man becomes more surprised over my speed. I'm one of the fastest people you can find in this ward. The 8th ward. I can handle this better than any other [CCG] would be able too. I did jump in one and turned around while coming against him for do my kagune hard for a moment and hit him so the head will fall off without problems. He didn’t even get to blink before he was dead. Now they’ll have no more problems with him.
I laugh a bit while water was moving down my cheeks before I let my kagune disappear. The man’s body falls to the ground and his head is thrilling down the street. I get his kagune to disappear and fights him out of the shirt. The Frenchman tells me to do so. Each time I kill a ghoul - do it. It is for the monsters don't see me as a help. They don't need too. They will only become lazier if so. I take his bloody shirt with me and throw it out. They might be [CCG] but they never check the trashcans. I'm happy for they don't. Now I just need to give a report to the Frenchman and then I can come home and sleep so I'm ready for job tomorrow. It is always important to be able to go to job. How would I else get food on the table to myself?

I walk down of the streets and takes my mask off for have it easier to breath. Some fresh air would do good than the mask air. I move my hair away from my eye and take my hoddie down. The night is filled with ghouls there is killing humans or each other. I just doing my job. My job is to kill ghouls. I get food to my brother by working in his place. He is so sick and so weak that he barely can come out of his room.
In talk of job... The [CCG] people must be out and hunt ghouls tonight too. I wonder if I’ll meet any on my way?
If I meet any I would like to join their fight with a ghoul. It is always so interesting to be human. I love being a human. My security and day job is to be [CCG] rank 3 and also my rank between people is important. The fear I can give of being a human is amazing. A ghouls true face must never be seen for then is a ghoul doomed, because apparently the [CCG] know who you are if they see your face out of all 32 million people in Tokyo.


I hear a scream of pain not long from here. I can't come in from street level, I am in need of crawl over the houses. I need to walk on the roofs.
I'm quick to point out a house there is easy to come up of, even as human so I won’t be suspicious.
As I am up on the roof I begin walking over them and looking down after what could have been a scream of pain. There don't go many houses before I can see the trouble. A ghoul is fighting against two investigators. He has no chance. He is too injured and the worst is I know this ghoul. The Panda. He must have bumped into them at a fail. It sometimes happens that Runaway Fire members bump into the investigators. It is not anything we can change unless they wipe out all the ghoul investigators but there will always come more and more of them. They’ll need to kill all humans who live. I take my mask on again. It has just been hanging around my neck anyway. I take my hoddie up and fix my hair shortly for hide my right eye. It’s a shame I just can’t kill the Panda. He takes care of my brother at day. He shall still be used. If he ever wants to kill me, will I kill him first.

I jump down and land in the middle of the fight. The two investigators look surprised. They just have run into The White Wolf.

I look at them with a big bright smile. “Oh hello boys, if you run I’ll spare your lives,” the reality is I don’t want to kill any humans. I’ll let them go alive. I always do. If they get killed is it because of a ghoul kills them. I haves nothing with me to do.

“Why would we run? You are hunted. You have killed investigators!” one of them say. He is a standard man in the age of 24. Rank 2 investigator and are under his 34-year-old leader there is in Rank 1.

“I haven’t killed any investigators! It was a ghoul who did it!” The two investigators laugh and begin attacking. I dodge their attacks easily. They have a special way of attacking but when you know how it works is it easy. They first distract you with tons of “worthless attacks” like you can dodge them easy, next they’ll go after your legs and arm for disable you for some minutes so they’ll have a chance for kill you. In that they go after my legs do I jump up and kick them both in the head so they are knocked out.

I land and walk fast over to The Panda for help him up and stand. His legs will be fine soon. I get him away fast from the place. His mask is broken in the bottom right corner of it. It looks like a panda basically…

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