Tokyo Ghoul - Frenchman

When Europe found a way to do that ghouls constantly was in ghoulmode so they had lack of energy and needed food all the time did many ghouls runaway. Many ghouls have found their way to Tokyo and many of these are in a ghoul gang called Runaway Fire. Not enough with most CCG members in Tokyo are trying to fight Aogiri Tree does they also have Runaway Fire to beat. Lily Johnson a halfghoul from Europe, left by her mom on her dad's doorstep many years ago, and her bigbrother Hans there is fullblood ghoul both have fled with their uncle Rewynna to Tokyo and Hans and Rewynna both swore to work for Runaway Fire for escape Europe while Lily were young. Now she is young adult and work as a CCG rank 3 in secret at day and at night do the job of a ghoul as her sick brother should do. But she need to choose. Do she wanna be a human and kill all ghouls in Tokyo, or do she wanna be a ghoul and fight with Runaway Fire and Aogiri Tree against humanity? The time is to choose. Rescue friends or famil


2. 1.

In this world we live in is there a sort of people called ghouls. Ghouls taste human food as it was junk but the human is the one they want to live off. Ghouls looks like humans when they don't have their kagune and their eyes don’t turn red. Ghouls have different blood. That is why they have a kagune and human doesn't. For a ghouls red cells are much higher than a human’s. RC is red cells called. They have a high RC.

Ghouls and humans are enemies. Only few humans can accept a ghoul. I'm not one of them. I am member of a group - an organization called CCG in short. It is special trained humans who kill ghouls to protect humanity. I am one of those. Chosen to be rank 3.


"Licia? Licia! do you even listen to what I'm saying?" A deep sexy voice says and I do look up. It is just Kaolo Madouro. A rank 1 investigator on 26. Young. Normal would a rank 1 investigator be around 27 but Kaolo is special. Mostly because they are low on rank 1 investigators but I have heard he did an incredible job hunting a lot of Runaway Fire members down. Runaway Fire is one of the two big ghoul gangs. We have Aogiri Tree who is in District 11 and then we have Runaway Fire there is spread all over the town. It is never to say where they are. I know that Aogiri Tree and Runaway Fire is both enemies but also work together. It comes on what mission it is they have. But both gangs are troublesome for us CCG members.

"Maybe you should talk less about your dead brother and more about our female ghoul there is around. It is unusual many killings she does..." I just say without thinking over that Kaolo was two ranks over me. Generally, I never talk to the higher ranked as they are higher up in class than me. I talk to them as we were same level and that’s that.

"Licia, we have been partners for a year and you still can't talk right to me. But you right. The case..." One thing I always has known with Kaolo from first day is he always give up arguing over for girls. His weakness is girls. He is way to kind over for girls. And it has been a problem when we have been fighting against girl ghouls.

"I need some papers from 20th Ward. They called and said that our ghoul had been by the area..."

"Licia, Are you just saying this for see Koutarou?" No but also yes. It is my chance for talk more with that guy. A shame I'm only 19. Like it does Koutarou too old for me - if you ask other people than me. Like he is so freaking sexy and his eyes are like perfect, and he is so kind on same time, and he is tall, and I just generally have loved him since I met him on the “school”. CCG members take an education and when they pass they become rank 2 immediately. I didn’t pass. I just got taken out after beating a ghoul in the middle of the education and so I started on rank 3.

"No. They actually have spotted her there and as rank 3 investigators under you do I need to go and get the papers!" I am not lying. I actually need the papers and also… Koutarou I am coming for you!

"I go with you. Mado, Koutarou's leader is a crazy man. It must have been him there saying he have seen our ghoul in district 20. Still her main hunting area is here, so why would she even be in that distrect?" Kaolo just shook his head and stand up. This coffee shop does else sell a good coffee - but not as good as the coffee in district 20. Anteiku coffee.

I stand up and take my new suitcase. My last weapon broke. I could just had watched more out but that stupid a-ranked ghoul broke it.

Fast and silent I just follow my leader out to the car. Koutarou. I am coming and I'm surely gonna ask this time! I am!


The district I am working in is a bit away from 20th Ward but it's okay. I visit 20th Ward a lot and it is different from 8th Ward. Koutarou is the biggest reason and then the coffee from the coffee shop. Coffee. Ghouls can only taste coffee between everything humans make. It must be horrible to like only be able to survive of humans and coffee. But still… maybe ghouls don’t really need humans to survive…

"Licia, what information do you else have about our case?" Kaolo asks and I sit straight up instead of looking out of the window.

"She is in an age between 17-20. Quick and seems to have some battle skills. Both against ghouls and us investigators... And they finally came up with a name to her. The white wolf. Because she wears a wolf mask and hoodie but her hair is shiny and light as snow, I don't have more information. After she killed the last two investigators is this a hard job for us. She is only though an A-rated ghoul because we couldn't confirm how the battle had stood on... like if she did a surprise attack or if she got help from other ghouls..." I tell. A rank 1 and a Rank 2 investigator got killed by her. For me would I see her more dangerous but she is also helping us investigators with killing ghouls…

"The white wolf? A-rated... Well it could have been worse! My first was worse," Kaolo has several times talked about his first ghoul was worse when he was a rank 2 investigator and was under a guy called Juman.

"What is the story about your first ghoul, Kaolo?" I asked just for doing him happy.

"It was an SSS-rated ghoul called the Frenchman. As the names says he was from France but he was very dangerous. Very. Me and Juman thought against him but we couldn't even get a single scratch through. This guy was just as dangerous as the owl but I was brave and strong and I survived that attack!" Kaolo seems proud but I know he is sad. He lost friends that day. I know from others he lost a lot of partners that day... Including his big brother. Time flies with him telling every single detail. Every single detail about his brother attacking, and everyone else.


Kaolo stops the car and we are in front of the 20th Ward’s [CCG] building. Mr. Mado and Koutarou are on their way out of the building. I rush out of the car as I see Koutarou and nearly fall but I do fast rescue myself from falling and looks up at Koutarou with a smile. Act good. Act great. You can do it Licia!

"Eh, Johnson are you okay?" It is Koutarou. He is always worrying for other people even though they not his great friends. I love his kindness.

"I'm okay Koutarou. Please just call me Licia like everybody else. Johnson sound so manly and I really don’t like it!" I say a bit nervous. Here I stand. Go on Licia. Ask him! You can do it!

"Oh, Koutarou I wondered if you would like to go and eat with me tonight?" I ask with nearly tears in my eyes. I am crying inside my head in fear for a no.

"I'm sorry Licia. I can't tonight. We are after a young ghoul," I look down and then walk past him while my tears are dropping down on the ground. He is always doing something when I try to ask him for do something with me. Paperwork, ghoul hunt, ghoul catch... Always something with the crazy Mr. Mado. Just Mr. mado was dead, then I might could have some time for once with Koutarou. I wish for it.
Kaolo stands and looks at me at the door. He knows it failed again. Behind me can I hear Mr. Mado talk. "I think she likes you," as the last sentence before I walk inside.


Kaolo and me enter the building and looks around once again. We are here once again. First time I was here was right after I got hired to my first mission. A ghoul there still is uncaught because he did disappear. The S-ranked ghoul Black. His name came from he was black as night. In clothing, hair and mask...
A man comes walking towards us. He is around Kaolo’s age and if I'm not wrong a rank 3 or 2 investigator. He has a file in his hands and I'm just looking a bit around.

"Was it Mr. Mado there tracked her down to this District?" Kaolo asks the guy. The guy gives a short nod. "If so is this just a feeling she is here. It is long from her hunting area and there is nothing in this district there would fall in her interest. She has only been hunting low ranked people and the people here is not that low ranked as those she kills... I hope Mr. Mado does himself right in this," Kaolo seems to nearly have given up. He is a very skeptical man. Special when it comes to Mr. Mado. Like just feeling that someone is a ghoul is wrong.

"He usually right, isn't he Kaolo?" I ask and a short cold goes through my body. Is there one person I hate in this world is it Mr. Mado. My first meeting with me was he sure I was evil. Also he wanted to call me a ghoul and took me through the thingy once again for detect me. He was wrong. I was no ghoul. Just a girl from Europe who had unlucky gets mistaken a lot with ghouls. I may have had a mother who once laid with a ghoul but that is not the same.

"He was wrong about you, wasn't he?" Kaolo tries to play smart but it really just fails. I hate when he tries to play smart.

"Yeah, well everyone can makes mistakes afterall… so after like our job is done here will I go and get some coffee. Will you please take my suitcase home for me?" I ask happy. Kaolo look skeptical add me as always when we have been here and I ask him for take my suitcase. He just doesn’t want me to die. I understand it since his first mission did kind of many people die so of cause he is skeptical, I can’t blame him for that.

"Don't go and die out there," he gives it as an order and it is that one order I actually want to listen to. Because it just haves a good reason. Because I want to live of cause.

"Okidoki!" I nearly throw my new suitcase at him and runs out of the door for running down of the street. The best coffee is ad Anteiku. And I’m nearly there.


"Aah, Licia, welcome in!" one of the waiters says. I’m horrible to names. Even if I have seen a person over hundred times before. Technical I just have a minimum interest in people.

"Just the usual," I tell fast and sit down. I look around but some people are missing. It is dark outside and I just only came in to closing time. But I usually some days sit here longer than other days.

"Where is Kaneki? And Touka?" I ask. Some of the few I can remember the names on, and they not here. Not as they should be. Could it hang together with what Koutarou was saying earlier? They were after a young ghoul. Touka is like a big sister for that little girl I have seen once or twice. I can see it in their way fo acting around each other, so maybe Touka and Kaneki have gone to protect her? but what if Koutarou gets injured or dies? No! None shall die just like that! That thing with having friends on both sides. I really don’t go in and tell the CCG about Touka and Kaneki, generally I don’t tell about this place because they don’t kill humans and as long as they don’t do that as long are they no treat to humanity and therefor no reason in some CCG comes and kills them.

"Eh, looking after Hinami," Hinami? That is the little girl’s name who just lost both her parents to Mado. I'm an investigator knowing way too much about everything but I can't remember a single name on people that much. I can’t even remember the name of the waiter. How great is that?

"Well, sad to hear. Poor girl," with my knowledge about everything do I even talk with ghouls about ghoul things. It is the perfect way to track our monsters down! I am just known as a very curious human who are on the ghouls’ side. Well that is what the ghouls say about me.

I am slowly about drinking my coffee. It doesn't do anything. But I really don’t like coffee and this is the only place whose coffee I like. I usually goes after everybody else here anyway because I have been here so many times and it is a perfect place to snap up informations about ghouls here and there in the different wards when there sometimes come some ghouls by.

I finish my coffee pretty quickly since the place are on their way to close for the day. I pay some extra money before I go.  None of them are here. They all at a meeting so far as I understand.


I can’t believe how late it is and I need to find a way home in this darkness. I’m long from 8th Ward. Koutarou must fighting or something now. I hope he is okay.

I am slowly begin to walk home. I have a little while home but I always make it and that is what is important for me. Maybe I should take the metro today?
What is koutarou even doing right now? Why is it he always says no to me? Is it because I'm from Europe? Is it really because I'm from Europe? What fun is there in being from Scandinavia when everybody just looks down at one? Like everyone believe I can’t do it. But I really want to be able to do it.


I come to the river like thing when I hear Koutarou scream nearby here and jumps down. I run in the direction I heard him in. At first I see Koutarou sit on the ground and cry out and then I see Mado. He smells of death. He is death. I hide right away for that Koutarou don’t see me. I can’t use that now. He would properly ask where my suitcase is and why I’m still in 20th Ward…

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